Black Aces Tactical Announces Alpha-9 Pistol

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by Zac K
The new Alpha-9 pistol comes in at a budget-friendly price under $450. [Black Aces Tactical]

Black Aces Tactical is expanding beyond the world of scatterguns! The Florida-based company has been selling tactical and hunting shotguns for years now, and it’s expanding its line with the new Alpha-9 pistol—a semi-auto that certainly has some familiar-looking traits.

Black Aces Tactical @ TFB:

The Black Aces Tactical lineup is currently filled with imported Turkish shotguns, including the Pro Series L Lever 12 (a lever-action, as the name implies), the Pro Series M (built to take Saiga-12 mags, including drum mags) and the Bullpup Pump (again, exactly what the name implies). Along with those long guns, Black Aces Tactical also sells a line of shotshells as well as tactical accessories that fit other manufacturers’ shotguns.

The Alpha-9 is a whole new direction for the company, then! So what’s it all about? Looking closely, it appears to be a rebranded Adler Arms AD-9. And the rebranding wasn’t too extensive, as Adler Arms’ name is still on the side of the pistol in Black Aces Tactical’s photos if you look closely.

Obviously, it’s a polymer-framed semi-auto. It’s chambered in 9x19mm, with 10+1 or 15+1 capacity mags (it ships with two 15-round mags where legal). Unloaded with mag inserted, it weighs 28.1 oz; with a loaded mag, it weighs 34.13 oz. It’s striker-fired and certainly appears to be double-action. The PR copy promises “High quality, smooth operation,” for whatever that’s worth.

An under-barrel rail allows you to add an attachment. [Black Aces Tactical]
The barrel length is 4.5 inches; the slide is 1.375 inches wide, and the pistol is 7.25 inches long and 4.75 inches high. Black is the only finish available.

Black Aces Tactical also throws a steel guide rod, a 9mm cleaning brush, a trigger lock and key, and additional backstraps into the package when you buy this pistol.

The pistol comes with a selection of useful accessories in the box. [Black Aces Tactical]
Taking a step back, the whole thing’s an awful lot like a Glock, and since the Turkish manufacturers have zero issues following a pattern that works, as long as the patents are expired, we’d expect this to be basically a clone of the Glock 19, or at least pretty close. There’s no word as to what parts might interchange, but that sort of thing is getting pretty common.

The asking price for the new Alpha-9 is $439 – you can see more details here.

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