Black Aces Tactical Enters The Shotgun Ammunition Market

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    Black Aces Tactical, one of the most shotgun-oriented companies in the industry, is further expanding its product line by entering the shotgun ammunition market. They have recently announced the release of a 12 gauge 9-pellet 00 buckshot load. Reportedly, this ammo is made for Black Aces Tactical by the Italian shotgun ammunition manufacturer Clever SLR.

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    The Black Aces Tactical 12 gauge ammunition utilizes 2-3/4″ high-brass shells. As you probably know, high-brass refers to the length of the metallic base but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made of brass. Just like the majority of shotshells currently available on the market, the Black Aces Tactical shells also have steel heads plated with a corrosion-resistant metal, zinc in this case. The roll crimped hull mouths are slightly tapered which is a great feature ensuring a much more reliable feeding when using the ammunition in manual repeating (e.g. pump-action) or autoloading shotguns. The overall load weight is 1-1/5 oz and the advertised muzzle velocity is 1,425 fps.

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    The first batch of Black Aces Tactical shotgun ammunition consists of one million rounds. More and larger shipments will follow it. This ammunition is not available directly through the Black Aces Tactical’s website. You can purchase it via the following dealers: Atlantic Firearms (MD), Nexus (FL), RTSP (NJ), Ammo Bros (CA), Summit Armory (OH), Red Rifle (CA), Bullseye Bishop (CA). The MSRP is $230 per case of 250 rounds ($0.92 per round). If you want to carry this ammunition in your store, the company suggests contacting 2nd Amendment Wholesale or Orion Wholesale distributors.

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    If your duty or home defense weapon is a shotgun, tell us in the comments section what do you think about this new ammunition? Do the advertised specs offer what you expect to see in a 00 buckshot load? Is the price right? How does this ammo compare to other options on the market?

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