New .32 H&R Magnum Load From High Desert Cartridge

Zac K
by Zac K
Based in Goldendale, Washington, the High Desert Cartridge Company is now branching out from big-bore magnums and autoloader rounds into the zippy .32 H&R Magnum. [HDCC]

New options are coming to market for fans of the .32 H&R Magnum. High Desert Cartridge is bringing three new loads to market this year, with two already available for purchase on their website and another listed as coming soon.

Magnums @ TFB:

The .32 H&R Magnum doesn’t get the same love as the .44 Magnum or even the .357 Magnum. Dirty Harry didn’t shoot a .32. But in the early 1980s, firearms manufacturers thought there was a market for fast-moving, light-bullet rounds that would offer hard-hitting power with less recoil. These days, H&R is probably best-remembered for its single-shot rifles and shotguns that offered maximum bang-for-buck until the Savage Axis came along and established bolt-action rifles in the budget hunting market (H&R is still in business, now as a brand name used on retro M16s sold by Palmetto State Armory).

But back in the 1980s, H&R was still making and selling revolvers, and they reckoned that many shooters would appreciate a fast-moving round with a bullet that tumbled on impact, causing severe tissue damage. Thus came the .32 H&R Magnum.

High Desert Cartridge Company's new .32 H&R Magnum loads come in boxes of 50. [HDCC]
These days, the self-defense market is hotter than ever, and that means a lot of demand for revolvers that are easy to conceal and easy to shoot. The .32 H&R Magnum has been eclipsed by the .327 Magnum to a certain extent, but there are still many revolvers built for the H&R-developed round. Now, High Desert Cartridge is meeting that demand.

High Desert Cartridge has three different loadings available: a 98-grain wadcutter-style bullet moving at 805 fps, a 100-grain jacketed hollow-point (Hornady XTP) moving at 850 fps, and a 100-grain TMJ that is not out yet but coming soon. Pricing for a 50-round box of the wadcutter loads is $40, and the JHPs are $50 for a box of $50. There’s no price listed for the TMJ loads yet.

Want to try some of these rounds out? Find more details at the High Desert Cartridge website, or call them at 509-772-2726 for info on availability.

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Zac K

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  • Azlefty Azlefty on Jun 12, 2024

    HEY ZAC; did you verify this company is legit? google them and you get a link to Lifestyle training" that reads like it was written by a Drunk low IQ Russian and that Gmail address for contacting them really imparts confidence. Reputable webhosts also proved a couple of domain emails

    • Luke Throop Luke Throop on Jun 13, 2024

      @Azlefty Horseshit. Did you actually go to the website? No. Obviously not. High Desert is legit and is endorsed by some of the top shooters and trainers out there, like Kyle Defoor, Bill Blowers, Bill Rapier, Travis Kennedy, Chad Robichaux, Darryl Bolke, etc.

      Check out the website, NOT whatever the hell Google came up with:

      My guess is Google crawled pre-installed templates that came with the theme, because they are nowhere to be found on the actual site, and the email ON THE SITE is "" so I'm not sure where the hell you're getting your information, but you're wrong.

  • Vitor Roma Vitor Roma on Jun 14, 2024

    800fps magnum loads lol.