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TFBTV Christmas Special 2018: Reading Mean Comments

Happy Holidays, TFBTV viewers! James, Miles, Andrew, and Mike the Bloke wanted to wish all of you a merry Christmas in this video. We truly appreciate our viewers, subscribers, Patreon supporters, and sponsors. TFBTV has 99 million views over the past 3 years, and it’s all because of you guys. [Read More…]

Bumpfire Rulemaking

Chinese Norinco Glock Clone

China is at it again. Knocking off other’s designs. Paul Kim aka PK Surefire of PKDesignLab posted up some photos of a Norinco Glock Clone. Larry Vickers shared some of the photos on his Facebook page. Here is what PK posted: Glock copies are in trends? Ran into a [Read More…]

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