The Firearm Blog’s New Managing Editor

    Managing Editor

    I hate writing about myself, so, as my first official move as TFB’s new Managing Editor, I will instead change the subject. Thank you Steve and Phil for your leadership and trust – I hope I can help to preserve what you both have built here over the past decade. And welcome Doc, our new Editor-In-Chief, whom we’ve all come to know and trust over the years.

    As Managing Editor, my job will be to coordinate reviews for TFB’s expert staff of writers and promote their knowledge, experience and ideas. I truly believe we have the best firearms publication in the world and we will work hard to prove that to our readers every day.

    That’s not to say we are perfect. Some of our regular readers may look at my title of “Editor” and shake their heads. It’s true, I suffer from spelling and grammar deficiencies, most of which are rightly called out by our dedicated commenters.

    However, what we don’t lack is integrity, honesty and independent thought. No matter what our critics say, we are beholden to no one, industry or otherwise. We strive for fair and accurate reporting of news and reviews while preserving the respect of our readership.

    I have a passion for silencers, mostly because they make shooting firearms more enjoyable. So you may see some additional NFA content going forward. Similarly, in my new position here at TFB, I will try to enhance our reader’s experience by supporting the rest of the staff with review guns that are both timely and relevant.

    To our industry partners: Going forward, I will act as the conduit for all the review material here at TFB. As such, if you are interested in seeing your guns and gear reviewed, please drop me a line at [email protected] or [email protected].

    Thanks for reading TFB and watching TFBTV. I’ll do my best to support our reviewers.

    Note: I’m opening up the comments in this post to civilized discussion on almost any topic. I’ll do my best to reply to your questions and concerns. But after that, tomorrow is a new day – please don’t spam other writers posts or be disrespectful, rude or inconsiderate.


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