New Manticore Arms X95 Cantilever Forend

    Unfortunately I don’t have an IWI X95, and I’ll never get one as I’m quite happy with my Tavor SAR.

    But if I did I would probably get this upgrade from Manticore Arms. One of the benefits is that you get a free floating barrel.

    It comes with M-LOK, intergral QD points and sleeves over an 1.5″ suppressor if you own one.

    The construction is from 6061 Black mil spec hardcoated aluminum, with a polymer filler block.

    The Manticore Arms forend is 2″ longer than the OEM, yet only weighs 3.9 ounces more.

    Here’s from the Manticore Arms product page:

    Manticore Arms breaks new ground in the industry again- say hello to the first  X95 Tavor forend upgrade out there!

    The new Patent Pending  X95 Cantilever Forend offers a wealth of features at an incredible price.  To solve some of the inherent issues of how to securely mount a forend to the X95 without contacting the barrel we had to think outside the box, and the solution was a two part system.

    The first component consists of a 39 slot picatinny top rail and cover plate assembly that is raised to the proper height to work with standard AR-15 iron sights and optics (i.e. most all sighting components on the market these days).  In addition the top rail is cut for the 300 blackout gas adjustment access in case you are mounting on a 300 Blackout X95.

    The second component is the forend itself which is 2″ longer than the OEM forend, features 3 rows of M-LOK (13 slots) on each side plus 2 QD points on each side,  and  5 slots of M-LOK on the underside.  The center row of M-LOK on the sides and the underside row on M-LOK is centered on the bore line making it much easier to zero lasers and other items that are bore line sensitive.   The top of the forend features to L shaped tabs that engage mating slots on top rail.  To install the forend portion just slide the forend into the slots on the top rail along the axis of the barrel, make sure the alignment tab on the underside engages the opening in the receiver,  tighten the cross bolt screw and you are ready to go with a rock solid mounted forend.  This along-the-bore-axis installation allows one other benefit- you can install a supressor up to 1.5″ in daimeter on the barrel and can slide the forend on and off without need to remove the supressor!

    Ah, but it is the little details that count.  Not wanting to leave an opening where the lower plastic tab of the OEM forend engages we have included a polymer filler block that blends perfectly with the receiver to keep everything closed up and tidy.

    One last benefit- with X95 Cantilever forend YOUR BARREL IS NOW FREE FLOATED.  No more contact of the barrel as you had with the OEM polymer forend and its two barrel mounted polymer support points, as the X95 Cantilever Forend is completely supported by the top rail and the receiver.

    Total weight of the system is 1 lb 7.4 ounces compared to the OEM 1 lb 2.5 ounces.  Only 3.9 ounces more than the OEM forend at a gain of all aluminum construction, the ability to sleeve a suppressor, a longer and higher and more useful top rail, and almost 2″ of additonal forend with a slimmer profile plus M-LOK compatibility and integral QD points.

    Everything is made in the USA.

    The price is $235 and was in stock last time I checked.

    Find out more here:

    Eric B

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