.50 Glock

    Guncrafter Industries are selling a .50 GI conversion kit for the the Glock 20/21.

    50 Cal Glock
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    The .50 GI round should not be compared to the Desert Eagle’s .50 Action Express or the .500 S&W. It is slightly more powerful than the .45 ACP.

    Wikipedia information on the .50 GI:

    .50 GI
    Type Handgun
    Place of origin Flag of the United States United States
    Production history
    Designer Vic Tibbets / Alex Zimmermann
    Designed 2004
    Manufacturer Guncrafter Industries
    Case type Rebated, straight
    Bullet diameter .515 in (13.1 mm)
    Neck diameter .526 in (13.4 mm)
    Base diameter .526 in (13.4 mm)
    Rim diameter .480 in (12.2 mm)
    Case length .899 in (22.8 mm)
    Overall length 1.221 in (31.0 mm)
    Ballistic performance
    Bullet weight/type Velocity Energy
    275 gr (17.8 g) JHP 900 ft/s (270 m/s) 492 ft·lbf (667 J)
    300 gr (19 g) JHP 860 ft/s (260 m/s) 493 ft·lbf (668 J)

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    The kit will retail for $595.

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