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14322343_1851721601713881_8208705183746998067_n Associate-Minister-of-Defence-Julian-Fantino-centre-poses-with-members-of-the-Canadian-Rangers-at-the-Colt-Canada-plant-in-Kitchener.-Albert-Delitala regina-sask-august-2-2016-regina-police-service-r 31 deadliest-snipers-emgn-8 Untitled

Skeet on Ice!

This video came out in March of 2015, but is really a hoot of sorts to watch. Two women in Canada combine their love of skeet shooting and hockey, in addition to a very well choreographed drone camera, and create an excellent video of them hitting clay pigeons while [Read More…]

Screen shot 2015-12-27 at 1.04.17 AM This is one of the first images released of Canadian Rangers training with their new rifles, designated C-19. images canada ar15 rifles Canadian Rangers colt canada c7 sanctioned copy Norinco Type 97 Bullpup 9959219795_3ea859efd8_c

FAMAE SG540 Series Available in Canada

Canadians can now purchase the SIG SG540 series manufactured by FAMAE of Chile. Tactical Imports announced the SG540, SG542, and SG543 [image above] have finally been classified for importation approval. The former two are assigned a non-restrictive classification while [Read More…]