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Non-Restricted ACRs Coming To Canada

Calibremag.ca reports that a Bushmaster ACR-DMR is arriving to Canada and will be available as a non-restricted firearm. Canada requires its citizens to obtain a PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) to legally own firearms. It requires a mandatory two day safety [Read More…]

14650598_10157729319790121_26863942826722108_n Canadian Ranger coaching Range practice Cz858_Spartan_final

History and Modernization of the Vz58

In this episode of TFBTV, Edward takes a look at 3 different variants of the Vz58 platform, the Czech army’s issued rifle, and looks at how the firearm has changed since the original design in the 1950s. We look at aftermarket parts, mounting systems, and have a short review of two specific [Read More…]

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Skeet on Ice!

This video came out in March of 2015, but is really a hoot of sorts to watch. Two women in Canada combine their love of skeet shooting and hockey, in addition to a very well choreographed drone camera, and create an excellent video of them hitting clay pigeons while [Read More…]

Screen shot 2015-12-27 at 1.04.17 AM This is one of the first images released of Canadian Rangers training with their new rifles, designated C-19. images canada ar15 rifles Canadian Rangers colt canada c7 sanctioned copy Norinco Type 97 Bullpup 9959219795_3ea859efd8_c

FAMAE SG540 Series Available in Canada

Canadians can now purchase the SIG SG540 series manufactured by FAMAE of Chile. Tactical Imports announced the SG540, SG542, and SG543 [image above] have finally been classified for importation approval. The former two are assigned a non-restrictive classification while [Read More…]