SAKO TRG M10 Rifle Announced Winner of Canada's MCSW Program

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SAKO TRG M10 Rifle Announced Winner of Canada’s MCSW Program

The Finnish firearms manufacturer Sako has just announced that their SAKO TRG M10 rifle has been selected as the new Canadian Multi-Calibre Sniper Weapon (MCSW). The purpose of the MCSW program was to replace the current .338 Lapua Magnum C14 Rifle (introduced in 2005), with a rifle that would be capable of swapping between the more expensive .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge and the less expensive standard 7.62mm NATO cartridge. Sako will now begin the process of delivering the TRG M10 rifles to the Canadian Department of National Defense’s Army.

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Photo: Ricardo Torres

SAKO TRG M10 Rifle Announced Winner of Canada’s MCSW Program

Sako’s commitment to great products that meet the needs of defence forces worldwide continues in Canada as we deliver the SAKO TRG M10 as the MCSW, satisfying long and medium range sniper needs with the multi-calibre capability. The contract award is especially timely as SAKO celebrated its 100th anniversary. It is a proud moment for both Stoeger Canada and SAKO, Finland on this important project.”

-Chrysochou, General Manager, Stoeger Canada (1990) Ltd.

The Sako TRG M10 is a bolt-action sniper rifle capable of being swapped from 7.62mm NATO for use in training and limited-range environments to .338 Lapua Magnum which gives the Canadian Sniper Army teams the ability to engage long-distance targets more reliably. The TRG M10 features an interchangeable stock, barrel/bolt system, ambidextrous controls, tactile indicators for different calibers, and is constructed from special alloyed steel for extra rigidity.

SAKO TRG M10 Rifle Announced Winner of Canada's MCSW Program

We are extremely pleased to have been selected by the Canadian Department of National Defence to supply with Stoeger Canada the next generation of sniper rifles to the Canadian Army. This significant project emphasizes our commitment to supporting Canadian defence and law enforcement organizations.”

-Raimo Karjalainen, General Manager, Sako Ltd.

SAKO TRG M10 Rifle Announced Winner of Canada's MCSW Program

The TRG M10 fetches some pretty high prices in Canadian gun shops often well over $15,000 per unit. Over here in the United States, you can pick up a Sako TRG M10 in varying calibers starting at around $10,000 – still pretty expensive. It is unknown at the time of writing exactly how many rifles the Canadian Army will require or what the final contract price is for the procurement process. What are your thoughts on this recent development for Sako and the Canadian Army? Let us know down in the comments!

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  • Suppressed Suppressed on Jun 08, 2022

    4 pics of the right side of the rifle, 0 pics of the left side. I don’t think you guys realize how often you do this, or maybe you do and you think it’s hilarious (and I might concur if so), I don’t know.

  • F.U.alll F.U.alll on Jun 08, 2022

    Militaries seem to be going the Multi Caliber rout for snipers. Cool.