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Assault Rifle RK 62M SAKO TRG M10 Rifle Announced Winner of Canada's MCSW Program Sako Introduces the NEW Sako 100 Premium Hunting Rifle Sako Carbonwolf Finland Sniper rifle semi-auto Tikka T3x Powerhead-Blade-SAKO Sako S20 - The Rifle That Is You (2)

[SHOT 2018] Kinetic Research Group’s New SOTIC Precision Rifle, Bravo Chassis, FOX-42 Semiauto 7.62, and Bushmaster ACR Accessories

At the 2018 SHOT Show, Kinetic Research Group – known for their high quality chassis for Remington 700 and Tikka T3 rifles – displayed something totally new: A complete precision bolt action rifle they called the “SOTIC”, after the Special [Read More…]

POTD: Finnsniper 2017

From The Land of the Midnight Sun comes these nice pictures, posted by Sako Finland from FINNSNIPER 2017. Go ahead and try to spot the sniper rifles, optics and equipment if you like. The SAKO TRG M10 and the Tikka T3x TAC A1 are in there anyway. We will go back [Read More…]