FBI Contract for Winchester Ammunition (9×19 mm)

    Winchester Ammunition FBI 9mm Contract Award

    Photo: Winchester Ammunition

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has awarded Winchester Ammunition a large contract for 9×19 mm ammunition in three out of four of their categories. The categories are Duty/Service (Micro),Training – Reduced Lead and Frangible, and below you can find which types of ammunition the agency chose.

    Winchester @ TFB:

    Photo: Winchester Ammunition

    Here is the announcement from Winchester with more details:

    Winchester Ammunition FBI 9mm Contract Award

    EAST ALTON, IL — Winchester Ammunition has been awarded in three out of four categories on a recent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 9mm ammunition contract. This annually renewable, five-year contract granted awards to Winchester in the following categories: FBI’s Duty/Service (Micro), Training – Reduced Lead and Frangible.

    Duty/Service (Micro) – Winchester 147 gr. Bonded Encapsulated +P; Maximum NTE Threshold: $10M
    Training – Reduced Lead – Winchester 147 gr. EFMJ; Maximum NTE Threshold: $4M
    Frangible – Winchester 90 gr. Frangible Lead Free +P; Maximum NTE Threshold: $2M

    Awards were made based on a competitive, three-factor evaluation including technical merit, past performance and price proposals.

    As the world’s largest small caliber ammunition enterprise, Winchester has supported America’s military, federal government and law enforcement for more than a century. It is an honor to carry on this legacy and continue to serve the brave men and women of the FBI via this award.

    Photo: Winchester Ammunition

    Winchester’s company heritage dates back to 1866 and you can find their homepage here: https://winchester.com/

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