Surplus IWI Micro Tavor X95s Offered In Canada

    Surplus IWI Micro Tavor X95 Offered In Canada
    How about a surplus IWI Micro Tavor X95 in 13″? These lovely things are, or were, for sale in Canada at various dealers. Restricted of course, but they seem to have been used by Law Enforcement and are all semi-automatic. The price in Canada is in the region of $2,499.00. What’s you opinion on surplus firearms? Do you prefer them brand new out of the box, or would you rather have something that comes with its own unique character from use in the Israel Defense Forces or Police?
    IWI Tavor @ TFB:
    Surplus IWI Micro Tavor X95 Offered In Canada
    IWI Micro Tavor X95 MSW 5.56 Nato 13″ RESTRICTED
    Surplus micro x95 dropping in Canada.
    Just announced, dealers will be stocking them in 1-2 weeks.
    Optic “may or may not work” lol might grab one if the price is right.
    This is cool since this is the first modern military rifle I see here on the surplus market.

    With or without optics. The iron sights on the Tavors are pretty clever. B&T have a similar solution on some of their firearms.

    From How To Get A Gun (Canada):
    Can you still get a restricted firearm in Canada?
    Presently you may obtain a license to acquire and possess restricted firearms by taking and passing an additional safety class and applying for a one. It is not generally possible for an individual to be granted an authorization to acquire or possess prohibited firearms except under special circumstances.


    If you’re interested here are some of the dealers I’ve found, there may be more.

    Durham Outdoors – Used IWI, Israel Micro Tavor model X95 MSW – GOOD TO VERY GOOD CONDITION.

    Clive Lamb Stocking Dealers: G4C Sports, Tenda and SFRC.

    Ley us know what you think in the comments below.

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