POTD: Canadians with VZ-58 Rifles

    VZ-58 7.62x39mm

    Welcome back to our Photo Of The Day! If you haven’t shot the back-to-basics VZ-58 rifle, I can tell you that it sends the brass just as pictured here – kind of straight up, and with brute force to a place far, far away. Don’t try to bump fire one with a cap on, because the cap will only catch the flying brass and direct it to your face. Don’t ask me how I know, and follow us for more advice like this.

    These images are from the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia, and below you can learn more about the exercise:

    Canadian soldiers became familiar with the personal weapons (the VZ-58 7.62 x 39 mm assault rifle) of Slovakian soldiers during a shared live fire exercise, hosted by members of the Slovakian Military. We train to increase interoperability and maintain readiness.

    -“If you put the paratrooper stock in the pocket here, it hurts from the recoil” …is what I imagine the instructor saying.

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    Photos and caption: Cpl. Mark Wanzel, Canadian Armed Forces. NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia.