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Spanish Heckler & Koch G36 CZ BREN Latvian National Guard Soldiers POTD: Slovenian Soldiers with FN F2000S NATO Snipers SA80 Full Auto SA80 A2 at eFP Battle Group Estonia Heckler & Koch G36 in Silver Arrow 2021 POTD: Full-Auto in Riga at Namejs 2021 POTD: Latvian Snipers with the Heckler & Koch HK417 eFP Battle Group-Latvia In Joint Force Exercise POTD: Latvia Sniper Detachment with C14 & C15 Sniper Rifles M4 Carl gustaf latvia


Catching the muzzle flash from a Machine Gun is always a welcome bonus as a photographer, and for today’s pictures, we have a few. The pictures are from the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia (eFP). The eFP Battlegroup in Latvia describe themselves [Read More…]

Latvian M16 Latvian Soldier with G36 on exercise