POTD: Canadian Light Infantry Pioneers with Shotguns

    Shotguns are the most violent firearm in most people’s arsenal, but they can also be used in less-lethal situations. Shotguns have many uses, as you can load them with slugs, buckshot, birdshot and various other loads. In our Photo Of The Day, we take a look at Canadian Light Infantry Pioneers as they use the shotgun to get past various obstacles.

    A shotgun can’t open all doors, but they can be used to remove the hinges of the door or the main lock itself.

    Light Infantry Pioneers will be faced with many obstacles such as windows, doors and even walls that can slow a soldier down. With skills taught on the Pioneer course soldiers of 3rd Battalion along with Hastings & Prince Edward reserve unit learn to safely destroy obstacles with shotguns, tools and explosives at Garrison Petawawa and Training Area.

    All pictures from the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment.

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