Walther Partners with the Gravel Agency for Canadian Customers

    Some good news for our Canadian readers, Walther Arms have announced a new partnership with the Gravel Agency to act as their civilian and law enforcement representatives in Canada. The Quebec-based manufacturer’s agency specializes in representing and distributing for a number of other large companies in Canada catering to shooting sports, military and law enforcement organizations. Gravel already represent companies like CCI, Blazer, Remington, Eotech, KAC, Magpul, Taurus, XS Sights and Wilson Combat.

    The Walther PPQ Q5 Match, one of the pistols that will be available in Canada through Gravel Agency (Walther)

    Below is Walther’s announcement of the partnership, and you can find Gravel Agency’s own statement here.

    Walther is proud to announce a new partnership with the Gravel Agency to represent Walther products’ complete line in both commercial and Law Enforcement markets in Canada. The Gravel Agency will now manage distribution, warranty, translation services, parts inventory, and compliance for all Canadian customers. Gravel Agency will continue to work with service partner Elwood Epps Sporting Goods as an authorized service center.

    Walther’s continued upward growth in the United States has increased Canada’s demand for the high-performance pistols, including the Q5 Match, Q4 Tac, and Meister Manufaktur series. The Gravel Agency is the best at establishing brands in the Canadian market. Their help will increase market share in Canadian Law Enforcement, IPSC competitive shooters, and firearms enthusiasts. Walther will continue to rely on Outdoor Escape Sales’ expertise for supporting specific military and law enforcement customers.

    Walther Vice President of Sales Rob McCanna says, “We saw an opportunity to serve the end-users better and have a one-stop-shop for all Walther needs in Canada. Gravel Agency’s reputation and proven track record, along with all of their vast capabilities, made them a clear choice.”

    About the Gravel Agency:

    Gravel Agency is a manufacturer’s agency specialized in representation and distribution services for the biggest companies in the industry of shooting sports, military and law enforcement organizations. Home base in Québec city, their brand-new facility will offer the Walther Arms company a solid Canadian base for their operation. Gravel has a large distribution center with one of the most efficient operating system on the market. Complete armory department to service our products under warranty. Comprehensive import department that will guarantee a constant flow of firearms, parts and related accessories. Gravel’s coast to coast coverage will unquestionably insure a proper visibility for Walther in Canada.

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