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A lineup of 5.56mm rounds. The two on the right are Mk. 318 (second from right), and M855A1 (far right). Left to right: .280/30 British, 7.62x39mm M67, 5.56x45m M855, 6.8x43mm SPC XM68GD, 6.5x38mm Grendel 123gr Lapua Scenar, 7.92x33mm Kz.Ptr.43 sME. All of these rounds have different characteristics that affect their ballistic performance and their reliability in automatic firearms. We'll be taking a closer look at these characteristics to better understand the trade-offs in small arms ammunition design. The HK416F variant adopted by the French Army. Note the specialized bayonet lug apparently designed for launching rifle grenades. Image source: sofrep.com

Will France and Germany Adopt a Unified Weapon? Heckler & Koch Poised to Take European Rifle Market

France has just adopted the HK416 as its new standard infantry rifle, replacing the FAMAS, and Germany is on a path to a new weapon, aiming to divest herself of the controversial G36. This raises the question: Will Germany and France adopt a unified arm? These two [Read More…]

DSC_0035 HK416France

BREAKING: French Defense Procurement Department CONFIRMS Heckler & Koch HK416 Win for French Rifle Contract

If any of you still had doubts about the HK416’s rumored win of the French AIF (Arme Individuelle du Futur – Future Individual Weapon) contract, doubt no more. The French DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement, their defense procurement office) has released [Read More…]

bae_systems_l59a1_762mm_diagram 0810162235bn .22 1895 US Army Experimental Various 5.56mm rounds, left to right: 55gr M193, 55gr French ball, M855 (made in Korea), Mk. 262 Mod. 1, Mk. 318, M855A1 yeIBMz5 An_Indian_soldier_during_a_joint_exercise_with_U.S._Soldiers_at_Camp_Bundela_in_2009 w9oKHlA 0521161453b 13254860_10156928720510416_117053552121571833_o PHOTO_20160309_010847 gerrperrscherr 0121161110e OUMtAcj r00b8hX 12247864_1153194264708798_5269851677062494448_o 12080061_1133446366683588_8280746703326662006_o 12138417_1136910209670537_2702611240888348251_o l4vrhj129u1nf7dz1v15 tumblr_nu4l2dNzah1qdzr9to1_540 EQ6RHub munição lago paranoá 17AG02015_2 kiwi rifle PDWs2 2A3BE9C700000578-3149576-image-a-56_1436042777895 0001_134 P03-150606-3 (1) 77grTMK_00 thumb (1) 05292015-001-630x320 ares-scr-low-rise-iron-sights-low-profile-max-slowik p_105200938_3