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BREAKING: French Defense Procurement Department CONFIRMS Heckler & Koch HK416 Win for French Rifle Contract

If any of you still had doubts about the HK416’s rumored win of the French AIF (Arme Individuelle du Futur – Future Individual Weapon) contract, doubt no more. The French DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement, their defense procurement office) has released [Read More…]

bae_systems_l59a1_762mm_diagram 0810162235bn .22 1895 US Army Experimental Various 5.56mm rounds, left to right: 55gr M193, 55gr French ball, M855 (made in Korea), Mk. 262 Mod. 1, Mk. 318, M855A1 yeIBMz5 An_Indian_soldier_during_a_joint_exercise_with_U.S._Soldiers_at_Camp_Bundela_in_2009 w9oKHlA 0521161453b 13254860_10156928720510416_117053552121571833_o PHOTO_20160309_010847 gerrperrscherr 0121161110e OUMtAcj r00b8hX 12247864_1153194264708798_5269851677062494448_o 12080061_1133446366683588_8280746703326662006_o 12138417_1136910209670537_2702611240888348251_o l4vrhj129u1nf7dz1v15 tumblr_nu4l2dNzah1qdzr9to1_540 EQ6RHub munição lago paranoá 17AG02015_2 kiwi rifle PDWs2 2A3BE9C700000578-3149576-image-a-56_1436042777895 0001_134 P03-150606-3 (1) 77grTMK_00 thumb (1) 05292015-001-630x320 ares-scr-low-rise-iron-sights-low-profile-max-slowik p_105200938_3 q9PZypj