[SHOT 2018] IC13’s INVRT Bandoleer Updated

    I ran into the owner and designed at IC13, Josh Sprecher while on the show floor. Due to some technical issues, I wasn’t able to get actual photographs of the MOLLE bandoleer that Josh has come up with, and that we covered in earlier TFB articles. However, I was able to get my hands on the new 2018 products, which included a new fabric design, a different color, a “Rapid-Strap” that uses velcro to secure it to the belt, and can thus be quickly ripped off in case of an emergency.

    From IC13’s press release-

    • CSM (Hypalon) and composite fabrics used for webbing and carrier backing
    • CSM (Hypalon) on interior of magazine pouches for added retention
    • Detachable, longer front sternum strap attachment point; moves buckle from behind full length magazines
    • “Rapid-Strap” Velcro sternum strap attachment option
    • Vacuum sealed med-kit components
    • TQ carrier options (Q2 2018)
    • Admin pouch options (Q2 2018)

    Magazine carriers have a Hypalon interior that increases retention of the magazine inside the pouch. Users can still opt for the bungee cords to hold the magazines in place as well for that extra layer of retention. Josh was saying that he has had guys run his magazine carriers upside down during various courses that required an extensive amount of maneuvering, and the magazines failed to fall out.

    The newer Black version is on the left while the older Multicam version is on the right. Notice the “third” strap other than the two shoulder straps. This “third” strap is to secure the entire bandoleer to a user’s chest so you don’t just have the shoulder straps in place.

    I like the concept of having a modern day bandoleer, something you can have tucked away, and then instantly deployable. Obviously, a dedicated battle belt would probably be better for longer periods of use and even concealability, but the bandoleer looks like it does have its place as a gear requirement.


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