[SHOT 2018] Thunder Beast Arms 5.56mm Takedown Silencer & Dedicated Suppressed Upper (DSU)

    Dedicated Suppressed Upper

    Thunder Beast Arms Corporation (TBAC) had two new products to introduce us to while visiting them at SHOT Show 2018. One of those was a new silencer called the 5.56mm Takedown. The other was aptly named the Dedicated Suppressed Upper (DSU). Both of which actually utilize their new 5.56mm Takedown silencer.

    Thunder beast arms 5.56mm takedown silencer

    Their newest silencer is built and engineered to truly last you a lifetime. The life expectancy of this silencer is roughly 15,000 – 20,000 rounds. If you truly feel the silencer has run its course and you achieved that audacious round count, Thunder Beast Arms canĀ re-core your silencer with new stack-able baffles to make it new and spooky quiet again for the price of $250.

    The unique property about the 5.56mm Takedown is its ability to be serviceable. Not only can you dis-assemble the silencer to clean it, but by re-stacking your baffles (so the dirtiest one is furthest from the muzzle) you can increase the longevity of the silencer; you are effectively wearing the silencer’s baffles more evenly by doing so.

    The 5.56mm Takedown silencer has an approximate length of only 6″ and has a current MSRP of $495.

    Dedicated Suppressed Upper

    thunder beast arms dedicated suppressed upper (dsu)

    The highlight of the Thunder Beast Arms booth was without a doubt their new Dedicated Suppressed Upper (DSU). This upper is an ultra-compact, one tax stamp silenced upper. The upper is configured as a 10.5″ barrel with a pinned 5.56mm Takedown silencer on it for an approximate length of 16.5″ overall.

    This silenced upper is truly a complete assembly because you do also receive a bolt-carrier group (BCG) and a charging handle.

    The Thunder Beast Arms Dedicated Suppressed Upper gives you a silencer, BCG, charging handle and a compact assembly of only 16.5″ at an MSRP of $1,595.

    With the 5.56mm Takedown pinned to this upper, you also receive the ability to stretch out the lifetime of this upper’s effectiveness as described previously.

    Look for both of these new products to be at your nearest Class III/NFA dealers or available to order very soon.

    Dedicated Suppressed Upper

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