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TFBTV: The Amazing AUG Bullpup

The Steyr AUG is one of, if not the world’s most successful bullpup, albeit even today the AUG certainly looks quite strange to the uninitiated. While the bullpup configuration was by no means a new idea, it certainly went mainstream in the West with the AUG. But how does this Austrian [Read More…]

lyman rifle

Lyman 1878 Sharps Rifle

Lyman Products is selling a reproduction of the 1877 model Sharps rifle mated with the Lyman tang sight to create a gun they call the 1878 Sharps rifle. This specific tang sight was introduced in 1878, hence the gun’s name. The guns are made to Lyman [Read More…]

DAS SAR-48 53698 A-3029-8 2015-02-23 01_32_30-The Making of the Military's Standard Arms, Part II - savage rifle