CMP Offers Navy 7.62 NATO Garand Rifles For Sale

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has a new batch of 7.62 NATO Garand rifles for sale to qualified purchasers. These rifles came from US Navy stores. Let’s check these unique rifles out.


“But I thought the Garand was a .30-06” you might say. That is correct, and most were chambered in that caliber. When the 7.62 NATO replaced the .30-06 in US military service, the Navy decided to convert M1 Garand rifles to that caliber. The first version, the Mk2-Mod 0, used a bushing inside the chamber to take up the extra space inside the chamber left by the shorter 7.62 NATO. The Mod 0 Garands had many issues stemming from the bushing system. To remedy those issues the Navy rolled out the Mk2-Mod 1, which used a replacement 7.62 NATO barrel. Those rifles worked much better.

CMP has both Mod 0 and Mod 1 7.62 NATO Garand rifles for sale as of writing. The Mod 0 is $950 and the Mod 1 is $1,600. All purchasers must comply with standard CMP purchasing restrictions and must sign a disclaimer about possible safety issues. Mod 0 Garands are not safe to fire per CMP, which explains the large price difference between the two models. These rifles are sure to move fast so head over the CMP if you want to snag one before they are gone.

From the CMP:

The MK2MOD1 was a purpose built 7.62 NATO caliber rifle, built without the problematic “barrel bushing”. The MOD1 has a 7.62 NATO chamber without the barrel bushing and is safe to use with 7.62 NATO ammunition. These rifles have been inspected, repaired as needed and function fired. Cosmetic condition is good, but Throat and Muzzle readings may exceed normal service grade criteria. These are being sold as is. Purchase will require written acknowledgment regarding EXCLUSIVE compatibility with 7.62 NATO, Mil-Spec ammunition. These rifles should not be assumed safe for use with commercial spec, .308 WIN ammunition.

All images from CMP.

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • SP mclaughlin SP mclaughlin on Apr 23, 2024

    Whiplash at seeing a Garand labeled "Mk2MOD1" like it's some USSOCOM hi-speed rifle

  • RMP52 RMP52 on Apr 29, 2024

    I have purchased several CMP Garand's, but this one really doesn't interest me. If you're a collector, I understand the attraction, but I'll stick to the original 30-06.