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G.I.s Fighting Corruption: Breaking Down the Battle of Athens Tennessee Arsenals of History Virtual Summit by the Cody Firearms Museum Royal Tiger Imports has brought in a WWII surplus M1 Carbine cache from Ethiopia to sell in the US. A Breakdown of the Infamous 1997 North Hollywood Bank Shootout The Rimfire Report: A Brief History of Rimfire Ammunition Project Lightening Benson-Poppenburg Prince's breechloading rifle sauer 38H Maxim silencer demo unusual guns

Guns of the Tatmadaw: Burmese/Myanmar Small Arms Development

The Myanmar Military (“Tatmadaw” in Burmese) is one of the only Southeast Asian nations that manufactures the majority of its small arms and light weapons (up to 120mm mortars) and has been doing so since the early 1950s in collaboration with a number of foreign allies. The majority of [Read More…]

TFBTV: German World War Two Guns in Action

What would it be like to try and attempt to shoot historical small arms in some of the ways that they were actually used in the past? We try and do that in this episode with German small arms in a small team setting, assaulting an objective across open terrain using a base of fire […] [Read More…]