Firearms Guide 13th Edition – The World’s Largest & Fastest Gun Reference Guide

    If you’re a gunsmith, armorer, historian, designer, or just a regular gun nerd that likes hi-res firearms photos, blueprints and schematics then you’ll be interested to hear that the digital version of the Firearms Guide 13th Edition is now available. Firearms Guide 13th Edition claims to be the world’s largest, and fastest computer searchable guns & ammunition reference guide featuring well over 65,000 high-res images and containing reference material for over 80,000 firearms spanning from antiques to more modern designs.

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    Firearms Guide 13th Edition - The Worlds Largest & Fastest Gun Reference Guide

    For those unfamiliar, the Firearms Guide is a computer-based reference guide that contains not only detailed written information about a wide variety of firearms but also features many hi-res images and schematics that can be used to aid in the maintenance of old and new firearms alike as well as help with the design for upcoming firearms. Firearms Guide 13th Edition will be a subscription-based service costing $99 a year that will feature 12-updates per year with the latest information and will also feature a gunsmithing library, gun value guide, as well as a few other extras like a library of printable targets for you to use on the range – all in a convenient and portable USB drive.

     1 Year Subscription for the Firearms Guide 13th Edition

    INCLUDES: 1 Year Online – NEW 13th Edition with FREE updates!

    1. Searchable Reference Guide of antique and modern firearms, airguns, and ammo.
    Over 80,000 guns and ammo from 1,633 manufacturers from 62 countries.

    Includes: Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Automatic Military guns, Black Powder guns, Air guns, and Ammunition. Tactical semi and full auto guns included.

    Models presented with tech specs, features, prices, values, ballistics, and up to 12 high-resolution zoomable color pictures (resolution up to 4000 x 1640 – over 58,000 hi-res pictures).
    Full searchability with 14 search criteria for complex searches and fast, precise results.
    Save your search results. Side-by-side comparison of guns of any caliber.

    2. Gun Value Guide – Gun values and prices of antique and modern guns.
    Based on the 100% – 30% condition ratings. Find the values of your guns.

    3. Gunsmithing Library – Access to 21,533 printable gun schematics, gun blueprints, complete original gun manuals, and antique catalogs.
    For antique and modern guns. Print as many as you like for your archive and customers. Zoom in to see every detail on your large screen while you working on the gun.

    4. US-EU Ammo Caliber Chart – cross reference of standard and metric calibers linked with our Ammo section
       650 Printable Targets – Zombies, Silhouettes, Crosshairs, Animals…
       12 updates a year – covering new guns, more antiques, updated prices, and values.


    6. With your username and password you can log in 24/7 from any computer and tablet and have total access (searching, comparing, printing out, etc)

    Firearms Guide 13th Edition - The Worlds Largest & Fastest Gun Reference Guide

    Even if you’re not a firearms designer or gunsmith, I think this reference guide would be an invaluable resource if you’re just a huge firearms nerd. High-resolution pictures are something that even modern firearms reference books don’t have sometimes and the ability to zoom in on a lot of these high-resolution pictures is something that I think can be appreciated by everyone. In addition to the 1-year subscription option, several other options will also be available with varying levels of access and updates. What are your thoughts on this latest edition of the Firearms Guide and do you think that the $100 per year subscription might be worth it to you? Let us know down in the comments.

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