Chipotle Publishing Launches Vickers Machine Gun Book Kickstarter Campaign

    The Vickers Machine Gun: Pride of the Emma Gees

    Chipotle Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of a book on the iconic Vickers Machine Gun. The new book The Vickers Machine Gun: Pride of the Emma Gees is an in-depth history of the British Vickers medium machine gun used by Britain and the Commonwealth nations during World War One, World War Two and beyond. The book, described as a must-have, updates Dolf Goldsmith’s earlier Collector Grade book The Grand Old Lady of No Man’s Land – which is widely appreciated as the best book available on the Vickers.

    The Vickers Machine Gun: Pride of the Emma Gees (Chipotle Publishing)

    The new book adds over 270 pages of new information and makes significant updates on the original book published back in 1994. The Vickers Machine Gun is the collective work of a number of experts in the field including Richard Fisher, of the Vickers MG Collection and Research Association, Robert Segel and Dan Shea.

    Here’s Richard Fisher’s announcement video with a breakdown of the book and what the project means to him:

    The Kickstarter page includes a 12-minute video featuring Dan Shea explaining the project, some of the important history behind the gun and how readers can support and get a copy of the book.

    Chipotle Publishing also shared a short version of the video on their Facebook page, explaining the project:

    Here’s Chipotle Publishing’s full press release on the launch:

    Love Vickers machine guns? So do we! That’s why we are passionate about our new book project: The Vickers Machine Gun: Pride of the Emma Gees. Chipotle Publishing, LLC launches a Kickstarter campaign for the Vickers book on June 9, 2020 at 7:00AM PDT, which will run for 30 days and end on July 9 at 2:30PM PDT. This is the ultimate collector’s book for Vickers machine gun enthusiasts, historians, collectors and scholars alike!

    The Vickers machine gun was such an integral part of the 20th century history that it is embedded in almost every history book of the two Great Wars. In 1994, historian and machine gunner Dolf L. Goldsmith followed up his history of the Maxim machine gun The Devil’s Paintbrush with the story of the Maxim’s progeny, the Vickers machine gun, titled The Grand Old Lady of No Man’s Land.

    Now, a quarter of a century later, Dolf has participated in the upgrading of that massive book with over 270 more pages of new information, color photos and research by himself and 3 more Vickers historians: Richard Fisher, Robert G. Segel and Dan Shea. The new book will have a grand total of over 840 pages (plus any Stretch Goal book upgrades and additions achieved through the Kickstarter).

    2 hardcover versions of The Vickers Machine Gun: Pride of the Emma Gees are offered in the Kickstarter campaign:

    1) Retail Edition with a matte black & white Vickers photo montage casing

    2) Kickstarter Exclusive Edition with a special vintage red & gold casing design. Other pledge reward options include a limited edition patch & coin, copies signed by the author and all 3 contributing editors, the opportunity to put your name in a “Thank You” section at the back of the book and a coveted spot in a 6-person Vickers armorer course taught by contributing editor Dan Shea.

    The Vickers Machine Gun: Pride of the Emma Gees (Chipotle Publishing)

    A series of Stretch Goals will be unlocked as the campaign meets its funding tier goals, such as improved paper stock quality, expanded author interview & photo sections and special design end papers.

    Don’t miss being part of this exciting Kickstarter, where we go on an adventure with the Machine Gun Corps and follow the historical trail of the designers and the soldiers using the Vickers guns in almost every part of the planet. We cover accessories, oddities, strange stories and lore, and provide the most definitive work on the subject of the Vickers machine gun and its use that has ever been published.

    Go to to support this project and reserve an advanced copy of The Vickers Machine Gun: Pride of the Emma Gees.

    About Chipotle Publishing, LLC
    Chipotle Publishing, LLC is a family-owned defense industry publishing business which focuses on the publication of niche magazines and books. They also provide a full range of publishing services including advertising sales, design, distribution, editorial, production and project management.

    Check out the Kickstarter page here.

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