Surplus WWII M1 Carbine Cache from Royal Tiger Imports

    Royal Tiger Imports has brought in a WWII surplus M1 Carbine cache from Ethiopia to sell in the US.

    Royal Tiger Imports has brought in a WWII surplus M1 Carbine cache from Ethiopia to sell in the US.

    Although they do sell some modern firearms, Royal Tiger Imports‘ bread and butter are historical and surplus guns. From British Lee Enfields and Italian Carcanos to German K98 Mausers and French rifles with unusually fun names, Chassepot Fusil Gras Artilery Muskatoons, if a gun is old and a bit patinated, odds are Royal Tiger has an interest in it. And when it comes to the firearms of the US military’s yesteryear, among the most important would have to be the M1 Carbine.

    The M1 Carbine was carried by many American Soldiers and Marines during WWII.

    The M1 Carbine was carried by many American soldiers and marines during WWII.

    Although other WWI guns like the M1 Garand, the Thompson submachine gun, and the 1911 pistol tend to enjoy more notoriety, the M1 Carbine was also significant in its respective roles. Testamentary to its success is the fact that it has seen continuous service since 1942. Although the US retired it as an issued weapon in 1973, a smattering of other countries’ military and police forces still carry the M1 Carbine nearly eight decades after its introduction.

    A small selection of the Royal Tiger guns.

    A small selection of the Royal Tiger guns.

    Additionally, in the decades following World War II when surplus M1 Carbines were cheap and plentiful, many civilians adopted and employed them. As the years have gone on, however, usable M1 Carbines have become increasingly more difficult to come by. This being the case, hobbyists, historians, and collectors have been pleased to learn of rumors floating around the internet that a forgotten cache was recently discovered by Royal Tiger Imports in Ethiopia. These rumors were true, as Royal Tiger does now have M1 Carbines available (14 at the time of this writing), with their website’s product reviews over the last six months indicating that quite a few buyers have already taken advantage of the find.

    These M1 Carbines come in numerous variants from different manufacturers, some with distinctive markings.

    These M1 Carbines come in numerous variants from different manufacturers, some with distinctive markings.


    Royal Tiger’s product page describes their M1 Carbine offerings as follows:

    These are the last available Original US M1 Carbines. We applied for a retransfer authorization and were denied.
    once these carbines are sold there will be no more!
    Secure your piece of history today!

    Base Pricing Starts at $1,099.99

    We have the following M1 carbines available:
    M1 carbine NRA good to INLAND ONLY $1,099.99
    M1 Carbine NRA very good to excellent condition $1,299.99
    M1 Carbine NRA excellent to unissued condition $1,799.99
    M1 Carbine early production with flip up sight $1,499.99


    We have the following manufacturers available as of 5-10-2020. Inventory changes daily due to high demand.

    -IBM $300.00
    -National Postal Meter $200.00
    -Saginaw $200.00
    -Rock Ola $500.00
    -Quality $300.00
    -Underwood $200.00
    -Inland $100.00
    -Winchester $300.00
    -Standard Products $200.00

    Please call for availability and manufacturer’s available for each condition. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.
    Thank you for your business.

    Click here to see our M1 Carbine Canvas Rifle Bags:

    With any surplus item you can expect some dings, dents, scratches, gouges, bluing wear, etc. We never make any promises as to bore condition on surplus items. We have however checked many and they have been surprisingly nice.

    We are proud to present the M1 Carbine. We received a small shipment of these highly collectible carbines and we are pleased to offer them to you in 100% original condition. These guns came out of Ethiopia. They were delivered to Ethiopia in 1945 as military aid. The condition is good to unissued. The famous original M1 carbine, which protected our boys in WWII, Korea & Vietnam is finally available for everyone. We have limited quantities available. Hurry, before they are all gone. Reserve yours today!


    We learned from our customers that the early M1 Carbines are indeed 100% original and not rebuild. We also leaned that carbines with the adjustable type 2 rear sight might have been upgraded after 1945 and shipped to Ethiopia after 1947. We also leaned that all manufacturers except Inland and Winchester seized production in spring of 1944. Inland and Winchester continued manufacturing the rifles as the prime contractors. Learning all this is to us so interesting. We have early rifles with the type 2 rear sight installed and no bayonet lug. They must have been made after spring of 1944.
    We have rifles with bayonet lug and type 2 rear sights. In other words. We have every version ever made of this fantastic piece of history.

    Limited quantities!

    Photos courtesy of Royal Tiger Imports.
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