Affordable Accuracy: CMP and Tisas Team Up For New 1911s

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by Zac K
Picture this pistol, but with a CMP logo… which kind of throws off the whole “vintage USGI” theme? [CMP]

The glory days of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, when you could get a surplus M1 Carbine or Garand for beer money, may be long gone, but a new team-up between the CMP and Tisas may carry just a little bit of the feeling of those halcyon days. The deal between the CMP and Tisas sees the manufacturer building 1911-pattern semiauto pistols for the firearms safety/training organization. It is the first-ever 1911 production deal that the CMP has made with a commercial manufacturer.

Tisas @ TFB:

From the PR, it sounds like this is going to basically be the same 1911-pattern pistol that Tisas announced back in January, but with CMP branding. This is supposed to be a museum-grade repro of a mid-war 1911A1, and it will only be available through CMP stores.

“This pistol will make a great companion piece to the surplus M1911A1 pistols sold by the CMP or just a great pistol on its own to shoot or collect,” said Jerry O’Keefe, CEO of the CMP. He says the new 1911 is part of the group’s effort to expand the range of pistols they offer for sale and in their competitions.

Tim Mulverhill of SDS (left) and Jerry O'Keefe of the CMP shake on the deal. [CMP]
Tim Mulverhill, CEO of Tisas and SDS Imports (which brings SDS into the U.S., from Turkey) said they were honored and excited to partner with CMP:

“Being able to take our historical accurate Tisas M1911 A1 and offer it in an exclusive CMP model is a great opportunity for Tisas to show their commitment to helping train and educate United States citizens in the responsible use of firearms.”

Details on the CMP and TISAS team-up pistols?

The new pistol’s tech specs are basically the same as the 1911A1 released back in January.

The new 1911 comes in .45 ACP with a 5-inch barrel and Type E hammer. Two seven-round magazines came with the pistol, and walnut double-diamond checkered grips as well as repro brown plastic grips. The slide, frame and other metal bits come with a manganese phosphate finish, looking like the USGI pistols of old.

The pistol even comes marked as US government property, just like the issued pistols of that era. MSRP is $479.99. For more details, check out our write-up on the previous release here, and keep an eye out on the Tisas and CMP websites.

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