Traditions Pro Series: Old-School, But Modernized

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by Zac K
Traditions NitroFire Pro Series. [Traditions]

When is old-school technology not old-school technology? You could debate this question about the new Traditions Pro Series, which mixes-and-matches muzzleloading mechanics with modern features that make the rifles easier to shoot well. Traditions will offer a Pro Series version of just about all its hunting firearms, the company says, including the NitroFire and Pursuit XT muzzleloaders and the centerfire Outfitter G3 series.

Traditions XT Pro Series. [Traditions]
The differences with the Pro Series rifles start with a stock that’s able to dial in for a very comfortable fit, with removable spacers to set your length of pull and a cheek riser that’s adjusted by a screw on the side. Whether you’re using iron sights or an optic, you can get the stock comb to where you need it.

The last piece of the puzzle is a threaded muzzle on Pro Series rifles. While this is something you might expect on a high-velocity centerfire, the Pro Series rifles are designed to accept a muzzle brake or even a suppressor, if you’re the kind of madlad who puts a can on a front-stuffer.

Tradition Outfitter G3 Pro Series. [Traditions]
Remember that we told you about Traditions’ new accessories for the Pro Series in a story from SHOT Show. Back then, here’s what we told you about the new muzzle device they’d developed for the rifles:

The newly revealed muzzle brake threads onto the NitroFire Pro and Pursuit XT Pro models and is engineered to dramatically reduce felt recoil. While muzzleloaders may not match the high velocity of centerfire rifles, they can present significant recoil due to the heavy projectiles used. The new muzzle brake aims to alleviate this, making heavier 150-grain loads recoil similarly to 100-grain loads, and rendering the lower grain loads almost imperceptible, as described by Traditions staff.

Note that the muzzle brake is only for the muzzleloading models.

Along with the company’s own in-house brake, developed specifically for its muzzleloaders, Traditions also introduced the new Ram-T collapsible ramrod.

Pricing for the Nitrofire Pro series rifles starts at $639.95; Pursuit XT Pro rifles start at $469.95, and Outfitter G3 Pro centerfire rifles start at $749.95. For more info, check out

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