[SHOT 2024] Traditions' New Accessories Bring Muzzleoader Hunting Into The Future

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[SHOT 2024] Traditions’ New Accessories Bring Muzzleoader Hunting Into The Future

Traditions, a company specializing in muzzleloading firearms, has unveiled a collection of new accessories intended to improve the shooting experience of their high-end muzzleloader models. Instead of presenting any brand-new firearms this year, the company kept its focus on enhancing their existing lineup with practical accessories.

For muzzleloader users who value precision, Traditions has introduced a new adjustable stock designed to cater to individual shooter preferences. This stock includes a cheek riser that can be adjusted with a ratchet mechanism to achieve the perfect alignment with the sights or scope. Additionally, shooters can modify the length of pull using spacers, ensuring an ideal fit for a range of body types and shooting styles. The innovative stocks are slated to be available for the NitroFire Pro and Pursuit XT Pro models, with further details and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) to be posted on the Traditions website soon. A representative from Traditions noted the growing demand for accessories that borrow accuracy-enhancing features from centerfire and rimfire rifles to improve muzzleloaders’ performance.

Traditions also showcased a new muzzle brake as part of the trend of accurization for muzzleloading rifles. The newly revealed muzzle brake threads onto the NitroFire Pro and Pursuit XT Pro models and is engineered to dramatically reduce felt recoil. While muzzleloaders may not match the high velocity of centerfire rifles, they can present significant recoil due to the heavy projectiles used. The new muzzle brake aims to alleviate this, making heavier 150-grain loads recoil similarly to 100-grain loads, and rendering the lower grain loads almost imperceptible, as described by Traditions staff. Like the adjustable stocks, pricing for the muzzle brake will be made available on the Traditions website in the coming weeks.

Rounding out the selection of accessories introduced at SHOT Show, Traditions revealed the Ram-T ramrod, a functional tool designed to improve the experience of maintaining muzzleloading firearms. The collapsible ramrod features a twist-and-lock mechanism to set the desired length, while a T-handle at the end locks into place, providing shooters with the needed leverage for bore cleaning. Aimed at accommodating various firearm lengths, the Ram-T will be available in different sizes. Details regarding pricing and availability will be forthcoming on the Traditions website.

TFB Staff
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