TangoDown Releases Mk3 Magazine

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

TangoDown has a new magazine for guns using the AR pattern. The Mk3 is a polymer design with some unique design features. Let’s dive in.

Mags @ TFB:

One of the most unique features of the Mk3 is the bonded design. There is no removable floorplate. TangoDown recommends cleaning the Mk3 with compressed air through ports around the follower or by submerging it in hot soapy water.

Another unique feature of the bottom of the magazine is its shape. TangoDown sells a standard flat-bottom version or a rounded version. The rounded version is designed for monopod use in supported firing positions.

Apart from the magazine body, the follower is updated too. The new follower has the appropriate geometry for M855A1 ammo. That helps present the very hard tip of that cartridge to the feed ramps without damaging the firearm.

The Mk3 magazine also features windows to visually check how many rounds remain. It also comes in black or FDE, with flat or round bottoms on either. All four models retail for $23.95.

From the manufacturer:

TangoDown is pleased to present the next evolution of our Rifle Magazine product line, the MK3.

This represents an extensive step forward in our modular magazine concept. As a firearm is no better than its magazine, we concentrated on making the MK3 the optimum element for your rifle.

Design – The magazine body is a modular assembly, unitized and permanently bonded together for superior strength with no removeable floorplate. All feed lip and follower surfaces have been redesigned for smooth, positive feeding of M855A1 ammunition. Aggressive texture and ribbing cover all manipulation surfaces for positive, no-slip handling in any environment. Ammunition status windows are provided on both sides.
A choice of magazine shapes is offered, conventional Flat Bottom or our new unique monopod-use Round Bottom.

All images from TangoDown

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Atx_1467 Atx_1467 on Apr 20, 2024

    Better than PMAG's because ________________________?

  • MCM MCM on Apr 21, 2024

    Squint your eyes a bit and you can see 'Tapco' written there on the side.

    I think the industry is afraid to admit that we passed peak AR at least five years ago.