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Top 5 Overly Complicated Guns

Some guns are famed for their elegant simplicity, but some are notorious for their complexity. In this video, we take a look at five firearms that are overly complicated for one reason or another, with some shooting footage in the mix. Thanks to our sponsors Ventura Munitions and Grizzly Targets. [Read More…]

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Slow Motion AK

I love slow motion video, and this one is one of the best. With the cover and other parts removed, the AK is like your own cut away gun and it is functional.  It is so mesmerizing watching the AK cycle. I am surprised how the piston does not bind when resetting. You [Read More…]

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PSA- catching a squib load

I don’t think there is a single shooting event/competition, civilian or military, where it is declared in the safety brief, that everyone present is a range officer and has the right to call out an unsafe act or situation, on behalf of the whole group. Often times [Read More…]

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ANSWER: Saturday Whatsit

Now, it’s time for the big reveal, what rifle does yesterday’s mystery part come from? Scroll down for the answer! The answer is the Robinson Armament Company M96 Expeditionary Rifle! Congrats to commenters Arashi and Mark Hartmann, who got it right! I [Read More…]


Saturday Whatsit

Here at TFB, we were doing a little evaluating this weekend, and had a lot of interesting gun parts laying around the shop, so I thought “why not have a little fun?” So, below is an image of a rifle part, and I am tasking you, our readers, with guessing [Read More…]

Friday Field Strip: WWII German G43

This is our first, of many I hope, Friday Field Strip. Each week we will do a field strip of a different firearm. This week we strip the German G43 rifle, which is essentially a G41(W) rifle improved with the addition of a gas system inspired by the Soviet SVT rifles. However, the unique [Read More…]

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