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McMillan Stocks Factory Tour

Who doesn’t know who McMillan is? After close to 5 decades of producing some of the best rifle stocks on the planet, it is kinda hard not to. We got the chance to take a tour of their manufacturing facility in Phonix recently to see exactly how they build stocks [Read More…]

Ascend Armory set First Edge Tactical Skinner 15129441_1892125977673443_1928564308637445497_o Ruger AR-Lower Receiver IMG_4866 IMG_4876 Armaspec SRS-1 IMG_4970 Stechkin_APS Glock robot ARG SPA 3 DSC06431 12186732_10205818804770853_6309941692139922556_o IMG_4983 Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 6.31.46 PM 2 SR1911 Target LWRC M6 Rifle 149852_797 15181369_10154648286398758_1882160243366790953_n Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 8.29.42 PM IMG_4832 goliath-front-768x614 KIDD - 660x400 CARACAL 6 327 Magnum carbine SBP Hogue DSC07061 The HK416F variant adopted by the French Army. Note the specialized bayonet lug apparently designed for launching rifle grenades. Image source: