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glock-3d-printed-light xs3-right-side-silo-with-ammo image (2) muzzle energy forumula MeoTac_08 .50 caliber machine guns seized in Rio de Janeiro. This image is taken from an expired user entry on Armslist.

Maglula magazine loader

This invention is several months old but is notable because I’ve never seen it until now. It’s a box like device made by Maglula where you place an AR15 30 round magazine inside, and load up 30 rounds in the loader and the contraption automatically loads [Read More…]

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IDPA Bans CZ-Accu Shadow

The day before IDPA Nationals, IDPA sent out an email banning the CZ Accu-Shadow from SSP (Stock Service Pistol) division. Caleb, over at Gun Nuts Media, explains why the CZ Accu-Shadow is illegal based on a review of IDPA rules. To understand why the Accu-Shadow is [Read More…]