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A Gun That Shoots Tears

“I lube my gun with liberal tears” is a common phrase seen on tasteless decals and shirts. There is actually a brand called Liberal Tears Gun Oil. Well Yi-Fei Chen made a gun that collects one’s tears, freezes them and shoots the frozen projectile. I [Read More…]

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Air Powered M&P 40

Umarex USA is now selling an air powered version of the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 handgun. The new pistol is a close replica of the firearm, complete with a working slide, three dot sights and a removable magazine. This gun is different from the previous M&P as [Read More…]

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Modified Nerf Taser Darts

Caleb Kraft used the guts from a disposable camera flash and shoved them into a Nerf Mega Dart. The demonstration on the copper tape was more exciting then the live test fire. So it isnt a true taser. You do not become incapacitated, but you do receive a good shock. I [Read More…]

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16-Shot Mosin-Nagant Pistol

Ever want a 16-shot Mosin-Nagant pistol? Well, now you can. The only down side – for some people – is that this is an air gun, not a firearm. SMG Inc. sells the Gletcher M1891 air pistol that is styled after a chopped down Mosin-Nagant rifle. The Gletcher [Read More…]

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