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Crosman MAR177 AR-15 Upper Review

Oleg Volk has reviewed the Crosman MAR177 .177 upper receiver attached to a standard AR-15 lower receiver, resulting in something that is legally a gun (the lower receiver) but fires pellets using air. It is a pre-charged repeater designed for competition training. [Read More…]

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Nerf Sentry Gun

As a fan of pretty much anything that shoots a projectile, I found this interesting. A Nerf Sentry gun is nothing new. Ever since Hasbro came out with the N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Nerf fans and college students have been mounting them onto computer controlled gimbles. The [Read More…]


Gamo Whisper G2

The Gamo Whisper is one of the most popular break-barrel air guns. Piston-powered air guns can be noisy, the Whisper range incorporates a suppressor to cut down on noise. Gamo has just updated the Whisper and launched the Whisper G2. This new air gun improves on the [Read More…]