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Vista Outdoor, parent company for several of the industry's key ammunition manufacturers, is unfortunately having to raise prices on some ammo and components. Henry Names Andy Wickstrom as New Company President Wilson Combat proudly shows off their latest manufacturing expansion in a new video announcement released on July 9th. SIG SAUER is expanding their ammunition manufacturing capabilities in Arkansas. Aero Precision Relocates to New Lakewood Washington Facility Vortakt Barrel Works and Automated Barrel Blank Manufacturing High Speed Gear, Inc. is increasing production in an attempt to meet current massive demand. ITAR

LSAT Cased Telescoped Ammunition, and the Problem of Cookoff (Brief Thoughts 002 Follow Up)

In the comments section of my recent Brief Thoughts article regarding caseless ammunition, there was a discussion about whether the cookoff issues of caseless would also be problem for LSAT-style polymer cased telescoped ammunition. Based on conversations I have had [Read More…]

Making The M1 Garand

In my critique of the M1 Garand rifle on Sunday, I noted that John Cantius Garand was not only a firearms designer, but a machinist as well. It was his intimate understanding of the world of the shop floor that made his rifle economical to produce, which is in my [Read More…]