SIG SAUER Looks to Grow Their Ammo Manufacturing Operation

    SIG SAUER is expanding their ammunition manufacturing capabilities in Arkansas.

    SIG SAUER is expanding their ammunition manufacturing capabilities in Arkansas.

    If you’re an experienced shooter, by this juncture you’re painfully aware of how brutal the ammo supply has been over the last year and change. Supply has been down, costs have gone up, numerous price increases have been announced, and there’s been precious little end in sight for months. Starting in early 2020, the industry saw something of a perfect storm of pressure factors squeezing the supply chain and skyrocketing demand. The cascading effects of Covid-related logistical issues, civil unrest, panic buying/hoarding, vast throngs of new first-time gun buyers in record-breaking numbers, and political/governmental concerns wreaked havoc on the balance of supply and demand for virtually every type and size of cartridges and shells, other than a scattering of more niche calibers like SIG’s 300 H’AMR offerings. TFB has covered the ammo shortage and related matters, like new gun owners, and a sampling of some of those articles from the past year are listed for you below.

    The 2020 Ammo Shortage @ TFB:

    SIG makes a plethora of different ammo types and calibers, like the 9mm and 300 Win Mag variants shown here.

    SIG makes a plethora of different ammo types and calibers, like the 9mm and .300 Win Mag variants shown here.

    Thankfully, lately we’ve started to see things level off a bit as demand has begun relenting slightly, and some manufacturers are making a bit of headway in catching up their production. One of these ammo makers is SIG SAUER, which produces dozens of their own in-house brand ammo varieties in an array of calibers, purposed for competition, hunting, defense, training, and more. Jacksonville, Arkansas is the home of SIG’s ammo production, a suburb of Little Rock in the middle of the state. Recently, a local newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, published an article detailing SIG’s plans to expand their ammo plant’s manufacturing capabilities. That article can be found here.

    Some of the details behind SIG's "V-Crown" defensive handgun ammunition.

    Some of the details behind SIG’s “V-Crown” defensive handgun ammunition.

    In addition to (hopefully) bolstering the supply of ammunition to customers, this planned expansion will create some jobs as well. At the time of this writing, the “Careers” section of SIG’s website lists twenty-two current job openings at their Arkansas facility, with more expected to come as the ammo manufacturing growth initiative progresses. Many of these are directly related to ammo production, with titles like “Brass Manufacturing Technician”, “Bullet Manufacturing Technician”, and “Ammo Operator”. The site also lists 161 openings for SIG’s home base locations in New Hampshire, as well as thirteen in Oregon, which is where manufacturing for their Electro-Optics division is based. Hopefully, other companies follow suit, and we may start to see more ammo at lower prices on our store shelves soon. See you at the range!

    Images courtesy of SIG SAUER. 

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