Aero Precision Relocates to New Lakewood Washington Facility

    Aero Precision Relocates to New Lakewood Washington Facility

    Aero Precision has made plans to move to a brand new facility located in Lakewood, Washington. According to their recent announcement the new facility and move are to accommodate the increased amount of business the company has received over recent years. The company was originally founded in 1994, near Gig Harbor, Washington as a manufacturer of mostly aerospace industry parts but has since transitioned to the firearms which most of us are familiar with today.

    Aero Precision Relocates to New Lakewood Washington Facility

    Aero Precision is excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement for a new facility located in Lakewood, WA, home of Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). The 268,000 sq/ft facility is located within the Lakewood Industrial Park.

    “We are very excited to be working with the City of Lakewood on our relocation.” said Scott Dover, CEO and Founder. “The city representatives have been extremely welcoming, and we foresee Lakewood as the long-term home for Aero Precision as we continue to position ourselves as a top tier manufacturing facility in the State of Washington.”

    “The substantial growth our business has achieved over the past several years has tested the limits of our current facilities. This move will allow a full company consolidation, bringing all Aero Precision operations under one roof. Expanding our footprint is important for the continued growth of our company and will allow us to create efficiencies that will benefit our customers and employees alike.”

    Aero Precision currently employs a workforce of over 800 employees, including a very diverse population of minority, women and veterans. Relocating to Lakewood will allow us to further our goals of diversity and inclusion by recruiting from the surrounding community and JBLM. As Lakewood’s largest private employer, Aero Precision will also have a significant impact on the city’s economic vitality.

    The relocation will be a phased approach beginning in February with the goal of having all business functions in the new Lakewood facility by end of year 2021.

    For questions, please email [email protected].

    Aero Precision Relocates to New Lakewood Washington Facility

    Hopefully Aero will continue to grow as a business and provide high quality and affordable firearms products for years to come. As a native north-westerner, I’m glad to see that companies like Aero have been able to continue operations despite existing within some staunchly anti-second-amendment states. Perhaps the future will change things for the better in regards to how firearms and firearms companies are viewed within the public eye as 2021 progresses.

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