Trajectory Arms to Produce Allen Engineering AEM5 Silencers

    Trajectory Arms to Produce Allen Engineering AEM5 Silencers

    Allen Engineering is a well-known name in the world of clone rifles. Their AEM5 silencer is the “clone correct” option for a Mk12 build. Recently, Trajectory Arms announced that they would be taking over production of the AEM5 silencers.

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    Alex, the owner of Trajectory Arms, was kind enough to show me around his shop and show me their AEM5 silencers. Trajectory has earned a reputation as a shop that builds and tunes AR-15 uppers, particularly for suppressor use. Some of their work included mounting solutions for the Allen Engineering line of silencers. Eventually, Ron Allen got in touch with Alex, one thing led to another, and Trajectory is now manufacturing Allen Engineering products.

    Trajectory’s first three silencers were built in their old shop in Springville, Utah. They recently moved to a much larger facility in Orem, Utah, and the production silencers will be marked as such. The new facility has a larger shop floor and more space for machines.

    Alex stressed that this is not a clone or imitation. It is a real AEM5, made from the original drawings. He showed me some of those drawings and they are absolutely the real deal from the 1980s. The only difference between a Trajectory-made can and the original is the manufacturer’s location marking.

    Ron Allen is still very involved in the Allen Engineering project. In fact, he called Alex while I was visiting the shop. The AEM5 is, by far, the most popular Allen silencer. Moving production to Utah will hopefully free up some of Ron’s time to tinker and experiment instead of constantly working on serial production.

    The fresh batch of Utah-made AEM5s is anticipated to hit the market in November. Many will go to dealers around the country, but direct purchases will also be available for Utah residents. It is a great time to be in the market for a classic clone silencer.


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