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Slovenian Armed Forces with the FN F2000 S POTD: The FN SCAR-H PR Has Arrived In France FN Smart Protector 306 FN Smart ProtectoR FIRST LOOK: FN EVOLYS fn minimi norway New FN Herstal FN 303 TACTICAL Compact Less Lethal Launcher DEFEA FN EVOLYS FN FNC FN EVOLYS M2 machine guns, like the 243 that Belgium is buying from FN, have been dominating battlefields for decades.

POTD: Milrem Robotics

In Today’s Photo we take a look at Milrem Robotics, and perhaps the future of the battlefield. Above you can see it deployed for the first time with the FN Herstal DeFNder Medium cupola, with a 12.7mm HMG. Milrem Robotics’ was established in 2013 and their main [Read More…]