FN Herstal Introduce New Machine Gun Mounts

    FN M3M MW FN SmartCore (FN Herstal)

    With IDEX 2021, the first major international defence exhibition of the year coming up in Abu Dhabi later this month, FN Herstal have announced a pair of improved machine gun mounts for land and sea vehicles. The FN M3M WM (Weapon Mount) and the FN Light MWM (Multi Weapon Mount).

    FN Light MWM with an FN MAG (FN Herstal)

    Here’s FN Herstal’s full announcement:

    (Herstal, Belgium) – February 15, 2021. FN Herstal, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of small caliber weapon and integrated weapon systems is proud to announce the launch of new products in its Land & Sea portfolio. These additions will further enhance FN Herstal’s key position as a critical systems provider of land and naval solutions all over the world.

    Based on a heritage of exclusive technological innovations, and to meet the ever-evolving battlefield and mission needs, FN Herstal’s Land and Sea portfolio now includes highly modular systems designed around FN® machine guns from 5.56mm NATO caliber up to .50 caliber.

    Land & Sea next generation weapon systems The FN® M3M WM (Weapon Mount) is a dedicated mount for operating the .50 cal FN® M3M machine gun. Designed around the FN® M3M characteristics including the high rate of fire (1,100 RPM), it provides exceptional accuracy on target and is the only qualified weapon mount for use with the exclusive .50 cal FN® M3M/GAU-21 machine gun.

    FN® M3M WM (Weapon Mount)

    The FN® M3M WM provides the operator with the following key benefits:

    • Fully mechanical operation (no electrical power required)
    • Mk16 MOD 8 type 0.50” large pintle interface as standard
    • Buffered system to reduce the weapon recoil forces transmitted to the platform
    • 300-round ammo box
    • Two distinct firing triggers for left or right hand operation
    • Large angles of operation, i.e. elevation: +60°/depression: -20°
    • 3 Picatinny type rails for optics/lasers etc.
    • Optional front armor shield providing ballistic protection up to STANAG Level IV
    • Fully qualified weapon system to MIL-STD-810 standard

    FN® Light MWM (Multi Weapon Mount)

    To provide the user with a mounting for a full range of light and medium machine guns, FN Herstal also proposes the new FN® Light MWM (Multi Weapon Mount). This system accepts any FN Herstal 5.56 and 7.62 caliber machine guns in many configurations, i.e.

    • FN MAG® Infantry version/ FN MAG® 58M
    • FN® M240 Versions D, H & L
    • FN MINIMI® 7.62 (Mk3 and previous versions)
    • FN® Mk48
    • FN MINIMI® 5.56 (Mk3 and previous versions)
    • FN® M249

    The FN® Light MWM provides the operator with the following key benefits:

    • Fully mechanical operation (no electrical power required) NATO G3 cone interface as standard
    • Buffered system to reduce the weapon recoil forces transmitted to the platform
    • Ability to change weapon configuration in minutes
    • Large angles of operation, i.e. elevation: +50° / depression: -60°
    • Lightweight: 8.5kg
    • Fully qualified weapon system to MIL-STD-810 standard

    To meet the specific mission and platform needs, a full range of options is available to  enhance operational performance:

    • Links & case collector (250- or 500-round capacity)
    • Depression angle limiter
    • Ammunition pouch interface (7.62mm/5.56mm)
    • Platform specific interface sleeves

    Discover more about the complete Land & Sea product range by visiting FN Herstal’s virtual booth, from February 21 through to February 25. More details will follow on www.fnherstal.com soon. Stay tuned!

    FN Herstal’s virtual tour will also be on display at IDEX 2021, Abu Dhabi, Belgian Pavilion, FN Herstal Booth 08-A20.

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