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TFB Weekly Web Deals 33: Early Black Friday 2022 Deals Soviet Arms Rail mount

New From Palmetto State Armory: The Soviet Arms Rail Mount

Palmetto State Armory continues to increase their AK accessory lineup under their Soviet Arms line of products with the new Soviet Arms Rail Mount for optics. Milled from billet 6061 aluminum and adjustable for not only different spec side rails, but the rail can also [Read More…]

The New Palmetto State Armory AK-105 Saber Junction 2021 TFB Review: Meridian Defense Pestilence AK ATI and Schmeisser Introduce a NEW 60-Round AK Magazine [TFB GUNFEST] Century Arms Thunder Ranch AK-47 (1) AK Leather Cheek Rest Kits by D4 Guns (1) Phoenix Technology Featureless AR-15 and AK-47 Grips (1) Mikhail Kalashnikov's Experiments of Improving AK-47 in 1950s (1) Hot Gat or Fudd Crap KNS adjustable gas piston

TFB REVIEW: Dead Air Wolverine With The KNS Adjustable Gas Piston

Earlier this year I took it upon myself to source all the parts I needed for my “Dream AK”.  The goal, take a Romanian DRACO, and turn it into the side folder AK I had always dreamed of owning.  Many months and a tax stamp later, my dream AK was finally finished. [Read More…]

Can You 3D Print an AK Receiver The AK Guy Knows the Answer! (1) Thread Adapter

[SHOT 2018] KR-9 9mm Vityaz AKs Shipping SOON from Kalashnikov USA

Kalashnikov USA, orphaned stateside importing partner of Kalashnikov Concern, brought their latest prototype and production guns to the 2018 SHOT Show, and there is good reason to be excited. Chief among them: The KR-9 9mm AK carbine. Here’s one of those [Read More…]

Kalashnikov vs. Schmeisser: Myths, Legends, and Misconceptions [GUEST POST]

The following is an article that was originally written in Russian by TFB contributor Maxim Popenker, and Andrey Ulanov, and translated to English by Peter Samsonov. With their permission, I have replicated the text here, and edited it, for the enrichment of you, our [Read More…]

KALASHNIKOV MONUMENT BLUNDER: Nazi Sturmgewehr Included in Memorial to Russia’s Top Gun Designer

It’s a blunder so bad it makes you look twice: On the new sculpture dedicated to Russia’s most famous small arms designer, there is an unintentional homage to a weapon of Russia’s hated adversaries during the Great Patriotic War. Behind the tasteful [Read More…]