Bridging the Gap: NEW Samson Manufacturing AK Thread Adapter

    Thread Adapter

    A gripe a lot of AK owners have is not being able to easily suppress their boomsticks. With unique left-hand thread pitches, most of us in the US are short on resources to change out muzzle devices. It makes sense that many AK platforms have muzzles like this since they do hail from Europe though. To make it easier to source parts, Samson Manufacturing has taken it upon themselves to develop a solution. They now offer a NEW AK thread adapter for 9x19mm and 9x39mm AK-type rifles with 14 x 1 LH threaded muzzles.

    Tim Mulverhill, Samson Manufacturing’s chief operating officer (COO), had these words to share about their newest innovation for AK owners in a recent Press Release:

    These 9mm AK pistols are coming in to the country with a variety of muzzle threads. Some are 1/2×28 and can take a standard 9-mil can without an adapter, and others have the 14×1 left-hand European AK thread which requires an adapter. Sometimes both thread pitches can be seen from the same manufacturer, depending on import lot. Our adapter solves this issue for shooters with the more common 14×1 muzzle thread.

    There are so many variables in AK manufacturing as far as muzzle threading and front sight base installation – even from multiple guns in the same manufacturing lot – that the most reliable way to maintain concentricity with the bore is to index off the muzzle. Our adapter does not contact the front sight base and is not intended to, which reduces any chance of baffle strikes from poorly fitting adapters. So long as your barrel threads are concentric to the bore, our adapter will maintain that alignment with your suppressor.

    thread adapter

    This should solve a problem for a lot of AK operators who want to hush their activities with a silencer (or crank up the noise depending on how you like your muzzle devices). A lot of the other nitty-gritty specifications for this AK thread adapter can be read below:

    • Indexes on Muzzle to Insure Proper Alignment
    • Flats Milled to Allow use of Wrench Installation
    • Marked with Caliber for Easy Reference
    • 4140 Carbon Steel with Black Nitride Finish
    • Overall Length 1.65”
    • Overall Width 0.738”
    • Overall Weight 1.2 Ounces
    • Made in New Hampshire USA

    These are currently available and ready to ship from Samson Manufacturing’s website at the modest price of $29.99 each. For all of our AK operators in the audience… is this something you have been searching for? Is the price-point at a level where you would be a buyer? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below!

    thread adapter

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