Can You 3D Print an AK Receiver? The AK Guy Knows the Answer!

    Can You 3D Print an AK Receiver The AK Guy Knows the Answer! (1)

    You have probably heard and read about the quite successful attempts of 3D printing AR-15 lower receivers. I am sure after seeing these 3D printed receivers, many people have been wondering if receivers of other firearms can be printed, too. Particularly, many of you have probably asked if it is possible to print an AK receiver. To answer this question, Brandon Herrera (The AK Guy) 3D printed a milled style AK receiver, built a rifle based on that receiver and test fired it to see if the receiver will survive.

    Can You 3D Print an AK Receiver The AK Guy Knows the Answer! (2)

    Now, if you know how the AK rifles work, then the result of this experiment must be obvious for you. As you will see in the video embedded below, The AK Guy knew the answer, too. Of course, this receiver won’t withstand even a single fired round. And the reason is that the AK bolt locks into the locking recesses that are part of the milled receiver. If the locking recesses are made of 3D printed plastic, then the result is quite predictable, isn’t it?

    As seen in the video, this is what happens when you shoot an AK built with a 3D printed milled pattern receiver.

    Can You 3D Print an AK Receiver The AK Guy Knows the Answer! (1)

    Maybe a 3D printed stamped pattern receiver will survive more rounds because the lockup with stamped receivers is accomplished in the front trunnion. But even if it does, it will probably require additional reinforcement of areas like the front magazine lug recess and top bent rail and many other modifications. Also, it should not offer enough weight, manufacturing time and cost savings to be considered a reasonable alternative to the stamped receiver.

    What do you think about this experiment and 3D printing of gun parts in general? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


    Images by The AK Guy

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