Real Guns of Fallout: Handmade Rifle (AK-47)

    We’ve been comparing the guns of the Fallout series of post-apocalyptic video games to their real-world counterparts and today we’re going to examine the handmade rifle.

    The Fallout universe is brutal and the Nuka-World DLC for Fallout 4 is even more ruthless. At the risk of spoiling the story for that one gamer out there who hasn’t yet completed it, there really aren’t any great choices to finish the Nuka-World main quest. But Nuka-World comes with one of my most favoritest guns in the game. The handmade rifle is ubiquitous in Nuka-World and is relatively powerful. The 7.62mm ammo is available widely in Nuka-World but is not found elsewhere in the game, except for sale by vendors. Like most guns in Fallout 4, the handmade rifle has a wide range of mods that can be applied. But what really makes this rifle shine are the two legendary rifles found in Nuka-World: The Splattercannon and The Problem Solver. Both are imbued with the Furious legendary effect, which increases the damage done with each consecutive hit on the same target. When this effect is combined with the Rifleman, Concentrated Fire, and Grim Reaper Sprint perks, it absolutely dismantles enemies.
    Obviously, the Handmade rifle is modeled after the Kalashnikov series of fighting rifles in the real world. This is no great stretch, considering the original AK-47 was introduced at roughly the time that the Fallout universe timeline began diverging from our own history.
    The Avtomat Kalashnikov, model of 1947 was designed by Senior Sergeant Mikhail T. Kalashnikov in 1947 after he was wounded while fighting Nazis in the Soviets’ Great Patriotic War and it was officially adopted by the Red Army in 1949. It was chambered in 7.62x39mm and featured a milled steel receiver. Ten years later, the AKM, or “modernized automatic Kalshnikov” was adopted. Along with other improvements, the AKM was made of a lighter, stamped steel receiver which was easier to manufacture and weighed substantially less. The AK is reasonably simple to operate, and it is easy to disassemble for maintenance so it is quick to clean in the field. It has a somewhat undeserved reputation for being unstoppable. While it is a generally reliable weapon, in real world conditions it is no more reliable than other modern rifles, such as the AR, FNC, or FAL. If you want to shoot a real full auto AK in the Phoenix area and you don’t have tens of thousands of caps to spend on one, you go to the Scottsdale Gun Club.
    What is it like to shoot a real AK? Look, shooting stuff is fun. And AKs are some of the most fun guns to shoot in semi or full auto because there’s lots of stuff slapping around and a good deal of commotion without producing so much recoil as to be distracting. Practical factors aside, it’s just the right amount of noise and recoil to be a really fun experience. Practically speaking, though, the AKM does produce more recoil and muzzle rise than the AK74 or the AR15. It’s not so much as to be unusable. I was able to keep most of my rounds on the “bad guy” with short bursts. But shooting the same target at the same distance with a 5.56 or 5.45 rifle would mean more rounds on target in the same time.


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