JMac Customs And M13 Industries Collaborate On The OSC-13

    Rifle and parts builders JMac Customs and M13 Industries have joined forces to introduce a new line of AK firearms. Designated as the OSC-13 series (Optics, Suppressor and Competition ready), the new rifles are available in three models with a variety of options. Pricing starts at $1250 for a basic build up to $2600 for one with all the options.

    JMac Customs has also developed a version of their popular muzzle brake with a Dead Air Silencers Sandman attachment system. Additional details, specifications and links can be found below.


    The OSC-13 AK Line From JMac Customs And M13 Industries

    The OSC-13 is a new collaboration between JMac Customs LLC, a high-quality firearm parts and accessories manufacturer, and M13 Industries, a Kalashnikov-focused Firearms builder. The rifle gets its name from being Optics, Suppressor and Competition ready because of the combination of parts and tuning which make this gun unique. The optics mount is built into the gun thanks to the Sabrewerks13 KOP (Kalashnikov optics Platform) and has interchangeable platforms for most common optics.

    The rifle can accept all Dead Air Sandman K,S,L suppressors due to the special designed “Sandman RRD-4C” from JMac Customs that is a combination of their popular muzzle brake and the Dead Air Silencers Keymount which keeps the rifle flat under rapid fire as a muzzle brake. The barrel is 14.5” 41v50 nitrided and is also manufactured by JMac Customs.

    Gas ports are sized per rifle to ensure the proper amount of gas flow for a balance of reliability and sound suppression. The gas block and front sight are merged thanks to the GBC-13 also manufactured by JMac Customs which is a copy of the East German combo block and accepts all standard windage drums, front site posts and installs by pressing and pinning like traditional Kalashnikov barrel components. The rail is from SLR Rifleworks and is available in 10” & 11” lengths.

    The rifle also features the M-13 4.5mm rear trunnion which accepts the MOD-2 M4 stock adapter from JMac Customs that raise the cheek wield up by 3/8” and has 2 QD sling mounts. The rifle also features the Krebs Enhanced selector, ALG AKT trigger, and M13 charging handle. Builds will be offered in 5.45 and 7.62. In addition to the rifles the two rifles makers are also making a “MINI” pistol version of the OSC-13. There are many options for these builds and pricing starts at $1250 and goes up to $2600 loaded with a HOLOSUN red dot. M13 can also convert your current AK into a OSC-13.


    The RRD-4C “12” drastically reduces recoil on you SAIGA or VEPR 12. This monstrous brake is machined from 17-4ph stainless, is 3.5″ long including the locking collar but only weighs 5.5oz!

    • 3.5″ L x 1.75″ W 1.4″ H
    • 5.5oz
    • 17-4ph Stainless Steel
    • Black Nitride
    • Includes locking collar

    The RRD-4C “12” is designed to reduce recoil, muzzle rise, & follow up shot time. Due to the variation of shotgun ammunition, flying debris is possible. ALWAYS wear Proper Protective Equipment, specifically safety glasses. Be aware of others in proximity & ensure they’re also wearing PPE. JMac Customs LLC is not liable for injury or damage related to the usage of this product.


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