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Thumb safety Tech Smith Experimental Tokarev Pistol with a Double Stack Magazine (2)

Guns vs. Sex Lube? Testing Grips and Slides with “Personal” Lubricant [April Fool’s Special]

In this very special April Fool’s edition of TFBTV, James Reeves takes a light look at a heavy myth: Is it true that forward slide serrations are important for operating a handgun while your hands are slippery? What about the grip? Is a slippery grip too difficult to handle for mag changes, [Read More…]

Czech STRIKER SR-17 Semi-Automatic Pistol (2) close up of Glock Crossbolt Safety M17 Canik suppressor-ready TP9SFT Ranger Point Precision Kalashnikov Concern Tools Up to Mass Produce the Lebedev Pistol (1) 9mm Operator Atlas Gunworks Nemesis