Spice up your Glock with Overwatch Precision’s new #PumpkinSpice Triggers

    Overwatch Precision's fall-themed "Pumpkin Spice Tac Basicness"

    Every year the advent of fall brings changing leaves, cooler weather, football, and of course: the return of the seemingly ubiquitous #PumpkinSpice craze. While it started primarily with pumpkin spice lattes, the autumnal flavor and accompanying orange color themes can be found practically everywhere around this time of year. Thanks to an office joke between the Glocksmiths at Phoenix-based Overwatch Precision, the firearms industry is participating in the cultural ode to titian-hued winter squash. As they announced on Tuesday, you can purchase a special-edition “Pumpkin Spice TAC Basicness” Glock trigger until November 5th.

    This example highlights how Overwatch Precision’s pumpkin-orange trigger stands out on a coyote tan or FDE handgun.


    The Overwatch Precision website’s product description says it best:

    It started as a joke.

    No, really. We were sitting around joking about how ridiculous the pumpkin spice craze is, and then a buddy told us we wouldn’t make a pumpkin spice trigger. “You won’t do it,” he said, forgetting that we’re not real adults.

    So we post a photo of a few TAC triggers that we did up. “Haha we’re sooooo funny, look topical humor, haha basic white girls.” *Laughs in Gunslinger*

    Next thing we know, people are asking for them, which is sorta ludicrous and yet somehow awesome. So here we go, Pumpkin Spice TAC triggers for your blaster. What a time to be alive. #capitalism

    We’re pretty sure you aren’t going to buy one, but it’s too easy to poke fun at your favorite pumpkin spice latte lover, don’t waste the opportunity. So share it around, laugh it up, and if you’re a single dude, buy one. It’s like catnip for white chicks.


    You can also opt for contrast by installing your #BasicAF #PSL trigger on a traditional black Glock.


    Joking aside, the TAC trigger is designed to be a flat-faced direct drop-in upgrade for your favorite Glock sidearm. They are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, feature Type III hard coat anodization, and a durable hand-applied Cerakote finish. For the new pumpkin spice special editions, there is a two-per-customer limit in addition to the one-week time window, so don’t wait if you want some #FallFlavor for your pistol. In addition, their $124.95 price tag is about $10 cheaper than Overwatch’s normal TAC models, so in this case, satire can save you a few bucks. Y’all enjoy concealed-carrying this fun piece to your local pumpkin patch or on a #PSL coffee run. See you at the range!

    All images and quotes courtesy of Overwatch Precision.

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