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Don’t Panic! NFA Applications Still Being Processed During Coronapocalypse Deal Alert: Sub $400 Toilet Paper From Franklin Armory (Includes Binary Trigger) P320 News: SIG SAUER Wins Patent Infringement Case from Steyr Arms

[SHOT 2020] Safety Harbor – Grand Power Stribog Glock Magazine AR Lower

Well, that title is a little gibberish-y, but I promise it’s completely accurate. At SHOT 2020 today Safety Harbor is showing off its newest product, an AR lower designed specifically to work with both the Grand Power Stribog upper and Glock magazines at the same [Read More…]

MK 323 Mod 1 polymer ammo(MAC LLC/Nammo) SOCOM MG 338 Itar for FFLs Kalashnikov KR103 Made in USA

NEW AK: KR-103 – 100% Russian 100% American

It is ironic that what might be one of the hottest releases on all of SHOT Show 2020 is 100% Russsian. But – the good news is that it is also 100% American at the same time. This year Kalashnikov USA is launching their new 7.62x39mm KR-103. A Kalashnikov AK rifle [Read More…]

New French Glock 17 More ATF Reclassification: Fostech Origin SBV Now NFA Regulated ATF: The Franklin Armory Reformation Reclassified As A Non-NFA SBS

CROSS Rifle: The First SIG SAUER Precision Bolt-Action Hunting Rifle Manufactured in the USA

SIG Sauer’s expansion continues as they push into the bolt action rifle market with the new CROSS Rifle. Manufactured entirely at SIG Sauer’s New Hampshire factory with an aim to break into the hunting rifle market. The CROSS will be available in 6.5 [Read More…]

TFB Exclusive: GLOCK 44 .22LR - Rimfire Perfection HK SP5 MP5

Ho Ho Ho: The New HK SP5 – Heckler & Koch USA Drops A Real MP5

We have heard the pleas from the American pistol caliber carbine market countless times over the years: “why doesn’t H&K make a semiautomatic MP5 pistol for the civilian market?” Arguably the most iconic submachine gun in history, the H&K MP5 is highly [Read More…]