[SHOT 2020] ELEY Enters Centerfire Pistol Cartridge Market

    At SHOT today, ELEY, the well-regarded makers of 22LR precision rifle ammunition unveiled their first foray into centerfire cartridges with both a 9 Major offering and a 38 Super Comp offering. ELEY has a long history of making high-performance precision cartridges for competition, and they’re bringing that expertise to centerfire cartridges. Competition shooting was at the forefront of both rounds design, with an emphasis on USPSA and IPSC matches.

    ELEY Enters Centerfire Pistol Cartridge Market

    Their Major 9 bullets will be 124gr or 147gr copper FMJ rounds. While they do not have an estimated FPS for their Major 9 yet, it will hit 38,500psi of pressure. The Major 9 will be made using 3n37 powder, in 9.2, 9.6, and 10-grain loads.

    Image Provided by ELEY Limited

    Their new 38 Super Comp will also be 124gr FMJ. The 38 Super Comp uses Vihtavuori N105 powder, again in three load offerings, 9.6, 10, and 10.2-grain loads to 36,500psi. The booth representatives said that their 38 Super Comp will be 1.253″ long overall. This is in contrast to other manufacturer’s offerings of 1.280″ length cartridges. The explanation given for this choice was that 1.280″ loads occasionally have issues with magazine compatibility. The slightly shorter overall round will, theoretically, ensure easy loading and feeding.

    Image Provided by ELEY Limited

    ELEY is still finalizing prices for the Major 9. The 38 Super Comp will go for roughly $200 for 500 rounds, or $0.40cpr.

    Product announcement:

    ELEY has yet to officially release a product announcement for their Major 9 cartridge, but their 38 Super Comp announcement can be found below.

    Superior safety. Absolute accuracy and controllable recoil.

    That’s what you’ll get with ELEY’s brand new ELEY Action .38 super comp major round.

    Designed and developed by the world’s most respected sporting ammunition manufacturer, the new competition round promises to be a sure-fire hit amongst practical shooters.

    ELEY have called on 190 years of ammunition quality control expertise to assemble the best components with a specific propellant to provide a safe and effective competition round.

    With ELEY Action .38 Super Comp Major, IPSC and USPSA competing athletes can rest assured they have the safest .38 Super Comp Major round on the market.

    The round delivers reduced recoil for improved sight picture recovery, and its ‘rimless’ case loaded with a Round Nose copper metal jacketed 124grn bullet offers reliable magazine stacking and feeding.

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