Deal Alert: Sub $400 Toilet Paper From Franklin Armory (Includes Binary Trigger)

    Deal Alert: Sub $400 Toilet Paper From Franklin Armory (Includes Binary Trigger)

    Deal Alert: Sub $400 Toilet Paper From Franklin Armory (Includes Binary Trigger)

    We are navigating some strange times my friends. Of all the items I would have expected to disappear from store shelves in a time of crisis, toilet paper is close to last on the list. Am I missing something? Does COVID-19 feast itself on the light and fluffy paper that lives on cardboard tubes?

    As a first world society, we’ve seemingly become less self reliant and more organizationally dependent. Which is great in times of bounty – less time towards mundane chores means more time for fun and relaxation. Unfortunately, in times of crisis, many people can be left unprepared for even a few days without a convenient re-supply of chicken tenders, beer and toilet paper. Hopefully, this event is a reminder to everyone to be a bit more prepared for the unexpected.

    In the meantime, if Amazon is out of stock on paper goods and you find yourself in dire need, Franklin Armory has a deal for you. Toilet paper and a binary trigger for $387.

    Deal Alert: Sub $400 Toilet Paper From Franklin Armory (Includes Binary Trigger)

    Holy Crap – We have toilet paper!!!

    Yes folks, we understand that toilet paper is a hot commodity these days – That’s why we want to prepare you for the potential shortages! For a limited time, we will have a limited quantity of Survivalist/MRE Grade Toilet paper for sale!

    Best part of this deal? Every package of Survivalist/MRE grade Toilet Paper sold will come with a FREE AR-C1 Binary Trigger!

    This toilet paper is rough, tough, and (probably not) endorsed by our nation’s military personnel!

    Here are some specs:

    • Splinter Free
    • Better that using tree bark or poison oak
    • Easily concealable (perfect for EDC)
    • Single Ply
    • More hygienic than using your bare hand
    • Not even remotely waterproof
    • Decomposes naturally
    • Doubles as a fire starter (when dry)
    • May save your socks in case of “field defecation” emergencies
    • Instructions for toilet paper not included*

    Be sure to get yours today!

    Each Survivalist Toilet Paper package deal comes with a: BFSIII™ AR-C1 for the AR Platform


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