[SHOT 2020] Safety Harbor – Grand Power Stribog Glock Magazine AR Lower

    Well, that title is a little gibberish-y, but I promise it’s completely accurate. At SHOT 2020 today Safety Harbor is showing off its newest product, an AR lower designed specifically to work with both the Grand Power Stribog upper and Glock magazines at the same time. It is almost, but not quite, an AR-9 lower that’s been modified for the Stribog. As I’m sure you are all aware, the first question anyone asks about any new gun that takes a pistol caliber cartridge is whether or not it takes Glock magazines. Well, now the Stribog does indeed take Glock magazines. As long as you’re willing to buy the Safety Harbor lower for it.

    Safety Harbor – Grand Power Stribog Glock Magazine AR Lower

    Additionally, the Safety Harbor Stribog Lower works with a multitude of AR-15 parts, including the trigger and grip. In fact, you can put an entire AR-15 fire control group into this lower. This includes after-market match-grade triggers or gucci selector switches. And they’ll all work with your Stribog. When I played around with the fully assembled gun, Stribog upper and Safety Harbor lower, it felt really solid. There was no play or give between the lower and upper. The magazine catch worked perfectly every time on an aftermarket 30-round Glock 19 magazine.

    Safety Harbor also manufactures a tailhook brace and a regular stock that can be attached to the Stribog. They will, of course, be compatible with the lower.

    Did I mention it does take Glock magazines?


    The product is so new that Safety Harbor hasn’t settled on a price yet, but they suggested that it would be somewhere around $350-ish. The reason they haven’t settled on a price yet is that they have yet to finalize the machining process for all the parts, and may end up having to sell the lower as a kit with a modified bolt.

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