[SHOT 2020] Dillon Aero Introduces 503D Tri-Barrel 50BMG

Benjamin F
by Benjamin F

Dillon Aero, makers of the M134D Minigun that is currently in service with the US Military, has come out with a new force multiplier. The Dillon Aero 503D is a tri-barrel 50-caliber rotary machinegun. It is entirely configurable for use aboard helicopters, boats, humvees, or armored vehicles. In other words, it’s a really, really big gun.

Dillon Aero Introduces 503D Tri-Barrel 50BMG

The primary concerns that Dillon Aero had while designing the 503D were reliability and durability. To that end, this new system has fewer internal parts than any of its competitors on the market, according to the booth representative. The maximum effective range is 1800 meters, and the 503D has an adjustable firing rate of up to 1500rpm. Additionally, the dimensions are remarkably compact for such a large weapons system. The 503D measures 66″ long in a crew-served format or just 60″ in a fixed forward format. Meanwhile, it measures just 18″ or 16″ wide, respectively.

The 503D from the operator’s POV.

The barrels themselves are 36″ long and are good for 35,000 rounds per set of three. The battery operating system receives trickle charging at a 5 amp maximum from a platform power source.

The mount for the 503D at SHOT today was incredibly receptive. The gun swung smoothly from side to side and up and down. Apparently, I’m not the only one who found the 503D impressive. The booth representative for Dillon Aero mentioned they had lots of interest from US military buyers.

Well, that’s a little intimidating.

Dillon Aero 503D Press Release:

Dillon Aero has developed a new .50 Cal Gatling Gun, leveraging modern manufacturing technologies. The 503D development results in a .50 caliber firepower solution that is lighter, and with fewer moving parts than similar guns on the market. A firing rate of up to 1500 rounds per minute, can be altered at the factory, to optimize integration on aircraft, vehicles, and boats. Reliability and durability are integrated in the 503D design, and includes an immunity to internal component damage as a result of ammunition related feed jams. Operational data can be captured and communicated to the user to enhance maintenance programs and servicing intervals.

Benjamin F
Benjamin F

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