Mostly famous in the United Sates for having supplied the M9 handgun to the US Armed Forces, Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A., commonly known simply as Beretta, is an Italian firearms manufacturer with a long history and a wide portfolio of products. From fine hunting shotguns to modern military rifles, Beretta offerings cover an extensive  variety of uses. All the fields where Beretta is not present directly are filled by the over 25 companies part of the Beretta Holding.

    BERETTA – Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction/Overview
    2. Products/Models
      • Beretta Pistols
      • Beretta Shotguns
      • Beretta Carbines & Rifles
    3. History
    4. Locations/Facilities
    5. Competition/Training
    6. TFB News
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    8. Common BERETTA Questions
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      • Is a Beretta 9mm a good gun?
      • What model Beretta does the military use?
      • Is the Beretta M9 reliable?
      • Does the Beretta M9 have a safety?
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    1. BERETTA – Introduction/Overview

    Beretta offers firearms for hunting, competition and personal defense and “tactical” use.

    Active for almost five centuries, Beretta has been manufacturing all types of firearms. Currently the Company is mostly active in the productions of shotguns and semi-auto pistols.

    Beretta has also an extensive line of clothing and equipment dedicated to hunters and outdoor enthusiast alike.

    What sets Beretta apart from most of its competition is the capability of integrating modern solutions and designs with traditional artisan skills. This is showcased through Premium models or limited editions of standard models, such as the 92 FS Fusion.


    Beretta 92 FS Fusion. Image Credit: Beretta

    2. BERETTA – Products/Models

    Beretta Pistols

    Beretta has been manufacturing semi/auto pistols for over a Century, however the international rise to fame of the brand in this field came with the Model 92, a variant of which was then chosen in 1985 to arm the US Armed Forces, under the M9 moniker.

    Since then the 90 series of pistols, easily distinguishable thanks to the open slide design, have been proposed in a wide range of configurations and primarily 2 calibers: 9×19 Luger (Model 92) and .40 S&W (Model 96).

    The success of the series has not stopped Beretta from developing new models and experimenting new solutions for full size pistols. Such as rotating barrel short recoil operation (8000 Series) later implemented in a polymer framed model (PX4) and striker fired (APX).

    Beside the above duty and personal defense models, Beretta has also been offering pocket pistols, both centerfire and rimfire, and target models.

    APX Series

    The APX Series is the latest offering in the semi-auto pistols range of Beretta. The first full size model from the adopting a striker firing mechanism with no external safeties, the APX also offers a steel serialized chassis and a polymer grip frame which can easily be replaced. Operation is by the well tested, Browning derived, system of short recoil with tilting barrel.

    Initially developed as a military and law enforcement full size model, specifically to compete in the US Army’s MHS selection, now the APX is available in several different configurations.

    Here below what Beretta says about the full size and the Centurion model.

    • APX

    Beretta APX 9×19 Luger. Image Credit: Beretta.

    Designed specifically for military and law enforcement operators, the APX has been put through extensive testing and evaluation at the professional end user level. The result is a pistol that delivers superior performance in durability and reliability, ergonomics, trigger, and modularity. Utilizing a removable, serialized chassis frame, the APX can be easily modified with replaceable grip frame housings and is simple to disassemble and maintain.

    Each APX comes with 3 interchangeable back straps so users can best fit their hands and preferences. The APX’s aggressive full length slide serrations make slide manipulations easy under any conditions. To accommodate right or left-handed use, the APX’s magazine release button can be easily reversed, and the slide stop is ambidextrous.

    The APX’s trigger breaks at 6lbs and has a clear tactile and audible very short reset. The APX truly is the ultimate striker fired pistol from Beretta.

    • APX Centurion

    Beretta APX Centurion 9×19 Luger. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The APX Centurion pistol extends the proven APX Series to a mid-size duty or concealed carry size. It features a 15+1 (9mm) or 13+1 (.40 S&W) flush fit magazine that it shares with the Full size variant.
    As with all APX pistols, the APX Centurion has been designed specifically for military and law enforcement users who have a need for a smaller pistol with similar handling characteristics to their duty pistols.
    The APX Centurion features an end user removable serialized chassis and can be easily
    modified with replaceable grip frame housings.
    Controllability and ergonomics are an APX focus: Low bore axis, ambidextrous slide catch, reversible magazine release, aggressive slide serrations, and a trigger that breaks at 6 lbs with a clear tactile and audible short reset.

    PX4 Series

    Offering for the first time for Beretta a polymer frame, the PX4 operates by short recoil with rotating barrel, a system inherited by the now discontinued 8000 series.

    The PX4 is hammer fired, has slide mounted safety lever and is available in either DA/SA or DAO configuration. Other than the full size model, a compact and a subcompact ones carry the PX4 moniker. The subcompact however differs from the others by giving up the rotating barrel in favor of a tilting barrel system.

    The PX4 is currently the only Beretta model series also available chambered in .45 ACP.

    Here below what Beretta says about the full size and subcompact models.

    • PX4 Storm Full Size

    Beretta PX4 Storm 9×19 Luger. Image Credit: Beretta.

    Absolute durability, reliability, and ergonomics have made it the go-to choice for shooters around the world. Designed to meet the most stringent military standards of durability, the PX4 has been reported to fire well over 150,000 rounds with zero part breakage.

    The lines of the pistol are snag-free and make unholstering and reholstering easy and fluid. The pistol may be adapted to different hand sizes and shooting styles thanks to a modular design with interchangeable backstraps.

    The ambidextrous and reversible controls offer the possibility of easily training or shooting with either hand. Besides being one of the strongest actions available, the rotary barrel dissipates recoil away from the shooter’s hand and greatly reduces muzzle jump, making it an extremely fast and accurate action. 

    Disassembly is designed to allow for quick field stripping.

    • PX4 Storm SubCompact

    Beretta PX4 SubCompact 9×19 Luger. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The Beretta Px4 Storm SubCompact pistol is the most advanced deep concealment tactical pistol of its kind.

    It is a miniature-size version of the ultra-reliable PX4 Storm, a double/single-action pistol that keeps gaining an enthusiastic following among military and police organizations worldwide. The SubCompact does not sacrifice any of the features of its larger counterpart, while offering superior concealability and light weight.

    In spite of its diminutive size, the Px4 Storm SubCompact was designed to be pleasant to shoot, offering minimal muzzle-jump and keeping recoil mild. The tilt-breech system was designed to work with the rest of the frame to dissipate both the kick in the web of the shooting hand and the muzzle rise that happens at every shot, making this handgun far less punishing on the hand than others in its class, the PX4 SubCompact is quick back on target–a best-of-both-worlds situation combining superior concealment and low weight with a full-size shooting experience.

    The stainless steel barrel requires less maintenance and is corrosion- and sweat-resistant, making it perfectly suited for concealment even in hot and active conditions. This is a tactical pistol that is designed to work as hard as you while being as low-maintenance as possible. Disassembly is extremely easy and quick and requires no tools, while the tough and surface-treated steels enable you to keep it as good as new with a quick wipe even after a whole day in the holster.

    With the included interchangeable backstraps, the PX4 Storm SubCompact is easy and quick to adapt to different hand sizes (for instance, male or female) and grip styles. A built-in Picatinny rail further adds to its flexibility, making it possible to attach a variety of tactical accessories without any gunsmithing or alteration. Furthermore, most controls are either ambidextrous or reversible, making it easy to shoot and train with either hand dominant. Any shooter considering a reliable and soft-shooting subcompact for concealed carry or personal defense should give the PX4 SubCompact a very close look.

    M9 & 90 Series

    The 90 Series / M9 is for many “the Beretta”, not only thanks to the numerous military and law enforcement aoptions, but also thanks to legendary status cemented in the media by famous movies such as Lethal Weapon and Die Hard.

    The pistol has an unmistakable profile characterized by the open slide which shows most of the upper half of the barrel. The operation is by short recoil with falling block, resulting in a linear rearward motion of the barrel. Hammer fired and available in DA/SA or DAO configurations, 90 Series pistols are generally equipped with a safety lever / decocker on the slide.

    While the original model was developed in the 1970s, the current iterations are very much alive, with new, updated, variants being frequently released.

    Two of the newest models in this Series are the military oriented M9A3 and the competition model 92X Performance.

    Here below what Beretta says about these two models.

    • M9A3

    Beretta M9A3 9×19 Luger. Image Credit: Beretta.

    With the M9A3 semiauto pistol series, Beretta has created a coming-together of all the tactical and functional features that today’s combat professionals may require.

    From Vertec-style thin grip for instinctive pointability, to universal slide design convertible from safety decocker to decocker-only, from a bevelled magazine well to oversize mag-release button, from a 3-slot built-in Picatinny rail to high-capacity capability for maximum firepower.

    These combat pistols were designed to be perfect for any tactical use, including home and personal defence, tactical competitions as well as duty carry in any condition.

    • 92X Performance

    Beretta 92X Performance 9×19 Luger. Map of features. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The 92X Performance was created to satisfy two requirements: Speed and accuracy. Beretta’s new competition pistol is uncompromising and aims for top performance, offering the world of competitive dynamic shooting one of the most reliable and world-renowned locking systems, together with a steel frame, a heavier Brigadier slide and the new Extreme-S trigger mechanism.

    Technical choices, such as the Vertec steel frame and the Brigadier slide, take the weight of the 92X Performance to 1350 g, a key weight which increases the pistol’s stability and reduces muzzle rise when shooting. The oversized magazine and the rear chequering, which can also be found on the front of the frame, improve the pistol’s handling as well as its grip. The raised frame profile near the magazine release enables the shooter’s hand to sit as high as possible on the hilt, which itself is also oversized to enable a deeper hold. The magazine release is oversized and reversible and an adjustable version is available on the aftermarket. Safety on the frame is ambidextrous and is available in three different size profiles, making it adaptable to various hand types and different IPSC divisions.


    Beretta 92X Performance 9×19 Luger. Image Credit: Beretta.

    To enable even faster cycle time, the 92X has a skeletonized hammer with a competition standard hammer spring. The new Extreme-S trigger mechanism keeps the striker automatic safety latch active ensuring the safety of the pistol in case it falls but decreases trigger reset by up to 40%. With the Extreme-S the 92X Performance has an “out of the box” weight of 1.5 kg in single action and 3 kg in double action. The saw-toothed handling grooves on the front and rear of the Brigadier slide ensure maximum grip during slide movement, in all conditions. The steel spring recoil rod ensures maximum operational accuracy. The area where the finger rests on the trigger is chequered and was redesigned to achieve a vertical front profile in single action.

    Nano & Pico

    Nano and Pico are 2 modern subcompacts utilizing the same concept of serialized steel chassis and replaceable grip frames (with colorful options), later also adopted by the APX.

    The Nano is a 9×19 Luger striker fired pistol, while the Pico shoots .380 Auto via a DAO trigger action. Both models employ a short recoil with tilting barrel operation.

    Here below what Beretta says about these two models.

    • BU 9 Nano

    Beretta BU9 Nano 9×19 Luger, blue frame. Image Credit: Beretta.

    Utilizing a removable, serialized sub-chassis the Nano pistol can be easily modified with replaceable grip frames and is simple to disassemble and maintain. Ease of use and concealment were key drivers in the development of the Nano.

    The Nano’s extremely low profile, snag free design makes it easy to carry and draw from concealment. To accommodate right or left-handed use, the Nano’s magazine release button can be easily reversed. The light, durable, frame employs modern thermoplastic technology through the use of fiberglass reinforced technopolymer.
    The Nano’s sights are user adjustable with a 1.3mm hexwrench and your fingers. This allows anyone to adjust their sights without the assistance of a gunsmith. Modular structure, ergonomics and ease of use make the Beretta Nano the ideal firearm for concealed carry. Made in The U.S.A.

    • Pico

    Beretta Pico .380 ACP, lavender frame. Image Credit: Beretta.

    At only 18mm wide, the Pico is the thinnest .380 semiauto handgun on the market, making it a best in class for concealed carry and home defense.Besides being light, small and concealable, it offers easy use, adjustable sights, an ultra-reliable low-recoil mechanism and a tough, durable finish that–with proper care–will give you a virtual lifetime of service.

    Weighing only 11.5oz unloaded, this double-action-only (DAO) pistol is comfortable and unobtrusive to carry, no matter your preferred mode. The Pico’s flat profile and snag-free lines make it perfect in a pocket holster, while its smooth sides and controls also make it ideal for inside-the-waistband carry–coupled with its extra-durable stainless-steel/polymer construction that is highly sweat-resistant. It will literally disappear even in a small purse, while thanks to its flowing design it will always be easy to draw from concealment when every second counts.

    The Pico is soft-recoiling and makes target recovery lightning-quick after every shot, thanks to its minimal barrel tilt. This feature also makes feeding utterly reliable, even with more open hollowpoint designs or the hotter .380 commercial loads. This means that when you need it for concealed carry or home protection, the Pico will always deliver the performance you expect of a Beretta.

    Like its slightly bigger brother the Nano, the Pico is engineered to be easy and intuitive to take apart and reassemble. Its heart is a serialized modular chassis, meaning that the frame can be easily swapped to accommodate the user’s preferences. Simple to install, LaserMax Integrated Red Laser Grip Housing provides a perfect complement to the Pico pistol platform. Shipped with a storage case and two 6+1 stainless steel magazines (one flush, one with grip extension), the Pico features adjustable, quick-change sights with no gunsmithing required. It also offers ambidextrous magazine release, as well as a super-low-profile slide-release lever to keep the slide open when desired. The Pico is made in USA and brings all the reliability and quality of Beretta as the leader of a new generation of concealed-carry firearms. 

    Bobcat & Tomcat

    Bobcat and Tomcat are two pocket pistols with a rather traditional blowback operation and DA/SA layout chambered, respectively, in .22 LR and .32 ACP.

    What sets these models apart from the competition is their “tip-up barrel”: the barrel is hinged at the muzzle and a lever allows the user to disengage it from the chamber side and tipping it up. This operation allows access to the chamber and gives the option to safely load the chamber without having to rack the slide. This may be particularly useful for those with limited hand strength. Moreover the simple blowback operation does not employ an extractor, therefore tipping the barrel offers the option for safe and positive chamber clearance.

    Here below what Beretta says about these two models.

    • 21 A Bobcat

    Beretta 21 A Bobcat Inox .22LR. Image Credit: Beretta.

    Simplicity, safety, a user-friendly designs and practical use are their best qualities.

    The exclusive tip-up barrel allows the user to easily load a round directly into the chamber. It also assists in the safe clearing of the pistol by allowing a live round to be easily removed from the chamber and the bore quickly checked. Jamming and stovepiping problems are virtually eliminated by the open slide design shared by all small frame Berettas.
    The Bobcat Series utilize the toughest of forgings for their barrels, while slides are fashioned from solid steel bar stock and frames are machined from solid aluminum forgings. Stainless steel might be difficult to machine, but makes for exceptional corrosion-resistance.

    The alloy frame is gray anodized to match the color and finish of the stainless components. All other metal parts are black-finished.

    • 3032 Tomcat

    Beretta 3032 Tomcat Inox .32 ACP. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The Beretta 3032 Tomcat Inox is tiny, sized like average cell phone. Besides offering the power of the .32 ACP cartridge, it sports a tough and durable stainless-steel finish.As such, this double/single-action autopistol it is perfect for deep concealment or used as a backup second handgun. Its tip-up barrel design makes it easy to load, operate and maintain, while its traditional looks give it the allure of a true classic.

    The controls of the 3032 Tomcat Inox are designed to be simple and to provide safety and peace of mind while carrying. The two-position safety engages crisply and positively, and locks the slide as well as preventing the pistol from firing. The magazine release is located to the left of the grip, making it easy to locate and operate even with one hand.

    The 3032 features a tip-up barrel design typical of the classic Beretta small-frame pistols. Thanks to this design, you never need to rack the slide and you can load that first round directly into the chamber. This is especially convenient in cold weather, or for people with weaker hands. Another advantage is that the barrel may be easily cleaned without taking the pistol apart, making it convenient to give the pistol a quick wipe after a session at the range.

    Right from their inception, Beretta small frame pistols such as the 3032 Tomcat Inox were designed to be carried concealed. Therefore, the lines of the Tomcat are snag-free, with the sights being engineered to easily slide in and out of a holster, pocket or belly-band without catching on anything. The rear sight is adjustable for windage, so that you can easily experiment shooting different loads while keeping your sights on target. All these features have made Beretta small frames like the 3032 a favorite for concealed carry and self-defense.


    The latest in a long history of training and plinking rimfire models, the U22 Neos merges well tested solutions with modern materials and a futuristic design.

    Here below what Beretta says about this model.


    Beretta U 22 Neos Inox .22LR. Image Credit: Beretta.

    Designed and manufactured in the USA, the U22 Neos Inox is a single-action .22 LR caliber plinking semiauto pistol.

    Although designed with the entry-level shooter in mind, it is also ideal for training and can be adapted to the needs of experienced users. Its modular construction makes it easy to modify with a variety of options and accessories, while still being affordable both as a base pistol and as a fully-accessorized system. And the ultra-durable stainless finish makes it particularly easy to maintain, meaning that it will give you hundreds of hours of fun while requiring only minutes to clean.

    Even while designing a plinking pistol to be used for informal shooting, Beretta did not cut corners. The lines of the Neos bear the unmistakable flavor of renown Italian designer Giugiaro–the same mind behind several of our most attractive offerings. The result is a sleek and ergonomic rimfire pistol that feels as good in the hands as it pleases the eyes.


    Beretta U 22 Neos Inox .22LR, disassembled. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The Neos is constructed of five modular parts that may be easily disassembled and reassembled without any tools. The ergonomic grips are constructed of super-durable fiberglass-reinforced technopolymer with non-slip inserts for a comfortable and warm hold. Most of these elements may be replaced with the rich assortment of accessories that is available for this fun .22 semiauto.

    Reliable, durable, easy to maintain and remarkably accurate, the Neos features an integral rail that accepts Weaver-style scope mounts as well as a fully-adjustable target rear sight. The firearm is also equipped with a cocked firing pin indicator at the rear of the pistol. The single stack, 10-round stainless-steel magazine features an easy-grip knob that allows you to compress the spring from outside, thereby making loading extremely quick and easy. The ambidextrous manual safety can be engaged with the firing pin cocked or uncocked. If you are in the market for a superbly-engineered plinking or practice pistol, give the Neos a close look–it won’t fail to surpass your expectations.

    Beretta Shotguns

    Currently Beretta offers over 60 shotgun models, covering clay shooting sports, hunting, practical shooting, law enforcement and home defense.

    In terms of mechanical operation, Beretta shotguns lineup is evenly split between gas operated semi-automatic models and over / under double barrels.

    From rugged tools to luxury art pieces there’s a Beretta shotgun for everyone’s taste… and pockets.

    1301 Series

    Designed specifically for law enforcement use and home defense, the 1301 gas operated shotguns have shown their value also in practical shooting competitions, pushing the manufacturer to offer a dedicated model.

    All models are chambered in 12 gauge with a 3″ chamber.

    Here below what Beretta says about a tactical and a competition variant.

    • 1301 Tactical

    Beretta 1301 Tactical Pistol Grip. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The 1301 is Beretta’s new gas operated semi-automatic shotgun designed for law-enforcement and home-defense.

    Engineered to be ultra-reliable and easy to use, it has all the features that a modern tactical shotgun should offer—and more. And thanks to its compact size, it is ideal for negotiating tight spaces.

    Right out of the box, the 1301 Tactical features an oversized charging handle, large textured bolt release and an oversized reversible safety button. This makes it easy to use under most weather or lighting conditions—your hands will always be able to positively and safely grip it and operate the controls. Also, the aggressive checkering on the fore-end and stock makes it easy to gain a secure grip even while wearing gloves. The 1301 Tactical features a robust, protected ghost-ring system with an interchangeable front sight, giving the user the opportunity to adapt it to any use, whatever the conditions. An interchangeable choke system allows for maximum flexibility based on use and needs. An OptimaBore, HP Improved Cylinder (flush configuration) is included with this package.

    Although perfect out of the box, this tactical shotgun is easily adaptable to most users’ needs, body type and shooting posture. The stock is adjustable for length of pull with provided spacers, ensuring it will always come up naturally to your shoulder and point easily. Drop and cast are adjustable as well. And, for extra flexibility in customization and accessorization, the receiver offers an aircraft-grade aluminum MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail, making it a snap to add optics without modification to the shotgun.

    The integrated BLINK gas operating system, featuring a cross tube gas piston, allows the 1301 Tactical to cycle 36% faster than any other shotgun on the market. This also makes it ideal for three-gun competitions: when shooting the 1301 Tactical, you will simply and objectively have an edge over your competitors.

    • 1301 Comp Pro

    Beretta 1301 Comp Pro. Image Credit: Beretta.

    After achieving several podium finishes at the last World Shotgun Championships with its unrivalled cycling speed, the 1301 Comp has evolved into the Pro version following the implementation of suggestions made by Beretta’s multiple medal-winning shooters.

    With the comfort, stability and easy swing offered by the new stock, the ultra-fast, safe loading system, the new oversized cocking handle and bolt release lever, the 1301 Comp Pro is now, even in its standard configuration, the most competitive dynamic shooting platform, but has plenty of capacity for further personalisation and is therefore very sought after by the most demanding of shooters.

    The 1301 Comp Pro includes a new polymeric stock with the Kick-Off Plus system consisting of two elastomer dampeners complete with return springs, positioned near the rubber insert, which effectively mitigate the first recoil peak reducing the perceived recoil by up to 40%. A third elastomer dampener, located in the stock bolt, absorbs the impact of the slide against the stock, thus reducing the second recoil peak, muzzle jump and any vibrations caused by the movement of the slide.

    The B-Steady system divides the stock into two sections: Butt and forearm. The recoil absorption point is in an advanced position, moving in unison with the forearm, which is free to move back leaving the butt stable and avoiding any annoying rubbing of the comb against the cheek. The cheek remains still and rests perfectly without ever losing the line of fire.

    For more comfort, the comb comes with Soft Comb, a soft insert which is gentle against the cheek. The rubber Comfort Grip improves sensitivity and pistol grip. The spacers provided allow the drop and cast to be adjusted.

    The MicroCore recoil plate ensures perfect shouldering and maximum stability when shooting and allows for the possibility to adjust the stock’s length to suit your requirements using the two spacers provided.

    The ergonomic Comfort Grip forend, also made of polymer with a rubber insert, offers maximum grip even in poor weather conditions.

    Extending out from the forend is the aluminium Tony System magazine tube which holds up to 10 cartridges. This is connected to the barrel via an aluminium clamp for increased stability. Inside the magazine tube there is a dedicated spring with an elongated red Ergal cap which makes it easy to check if the magazine is empty. The system is specifically developed for the 1301 Comp Pro to ensure maximum feeding reliability.

    The blue anodized Ergal stock combines lightness with extreme robustness and reliability, and inside houses the re-loading system, the ultra-tested gas system with rotating head B-Link closure system, which has a 36% faster cycling speed than any other semi-automatic, it is reliable and accurate round after round, even with light loads.

    The 1301 Comp Pro has a 3” chamber but uses an oversized 3.5” stock which facilitates cartridge loading. To make quick loading and the quad-load even easier, the loading gate has been enlarged and the lifter has a system which keeps it raised during loading operations, thus creating a sort of “chute” for the ammunition, which simultaneously eliminates the risk of the user pinching their thumb between the lever and the gate.

    The cocking handle and bolt release lever are also oversized, all details which contribute to making re-loading even easier, including during competition peaks when the gun is pushed to the max.

    Four threaded holes on the upper part of the stock enable a Picatinny rail to be attached.

    The ballistic performance of the 1301 Comp Pro takes full advantage of the Beretta Steelium barrel’s exceptional features: Created using Beretta’s exclusive tri-alloy steel (Ni, Cr, Mo), deep drilling, cold hammer forging, vacuum distension and characterised by the elongated 80 mm double forcing cone. The internal profile of the OptimaBore HP barrels was designed and tested to guarantee excellent ballistic performance with all types of ammunition: Lead, steel and High Performance steel. The result is pattern distributions which are always dense and perfect, partly thanks to the three interchangeable OptimaChoke HP Black Edition choke tubes it is supplied with, making it possible to adjust the choke depending on the competition.

    A400 Series

    The A400 Series of gas operated 12 gauge shotguns offers a number of models mostly targeted to hunters, giving them the options to choose between a 3″ and a 3 1/2″ chamber.

    A few variants offer solutions specifically dedicated to clay shooting sports.

    Here below what Beretta says about a 3″ and a 3 1/2″ variant.

    • A400 Upland

    Beretta A400 Upland. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The A400 Upland is the very first Beretta shotgun featuring an innovative wood stock with the Kick-Off Plus technology, that reduces recoil up to 50%.

    The nickel plated receiver is completed by an exquisite game scene engraving. The new design of the pistol grip and forend improves the gun comfort and enhances the overall look and slim new design.

    The A400 Upland is a great combination of the latest technologies with a classic look, for all the hunters that are looking for the best shooting experience.

    • A400 Xtreme Unico Synthetic

    Beretta A400 Extreme Unico Synthetic. Image Credit: Beretta.

    This black-synthetic semiauto shotgun is today’s most advanced of its kind. It reliably feeds every kind of 12-gauge shell from steel to lead, from 2 ¾” to 3 ½” and from 24 to 64 grams.

    It is capable of firing 4 shots in less than one second, and it is extremely soft-recoiling and pleasant to shoot, no matter the type of shell or the length of your hunting or sporting day. Also, it is impeccably balanced and follows your eye naturally to that fast-moving pheasant or clay target, while being quick and easy to field strip and maintain after a long day in the field. Ideal for upland or waterfowl hunting as well as target shooting, the A400 Xtreme Unico Synthetic is the perfect choice for the shotgunner looking for durability as well as versatility.

    The A400 action gives you the fastest follow-up shots on the market. Thanks to the unique Blink technology, it shoots 36% quicker than any other type of semiauto shotgun, meaning that while your friend’s action is still cycling, you will already have downed that second bird. While having vault-like strength, it is light and compact, so that the vertical distance between your dominant eye and your supporting hand is kept to a minimum, thereby greatly increasing your chances of hitting the target. Also, the top of the action is equipped with built-in rails, so that you can easily mount the optics of your choice for turkey or deer season, without any gunsmithing.

    The A400 Xtreme Unico Synthetic gives you several of today’s most advanced recoil reduction concepts right out of the box. Combining hydraulic shock-absorbers with an ultra-soft Micro-Core butt-pad, these systems work together to minimize not only the recoil from the cartridge ignition and firing, but also from the backward-movement of the bolt. Also, the A400 Xtreme Unico is designed to recoil parallel to the cheek mount, which also reduces felt kick while giving you faster follow-up shots. Altogether, these recoil-reduction devices decrease felt recoil by 70%, meaning that you can enjoy a longer day in the field or at the range without your shoulder paying the price.

    The finish on the OptimaBore HP barrel offers superior resistance to the elements, including water, powder, sand and salt spray. This means that with basic maintenance, this shotgun can easily give you more than a lifetime of hard service. Speaking of maintenance, the A400 Xtreme is easy to field strip, and it disassembles in five easy components that are a snap to clean and to put back together for your next adventure.

    A300 Series

    The A300 Series of gas operated 12 gauge shotguns offers models targeted to hunters, giving them the options to choose between a 3″ and a 3 1/2″ chamber (A350).

    The action employed by this series has been in production for decades and millions of hunters around the world have successfully used on the field.

    The latest version is the A300 Outlander, here below what Beretta says about its Trident configuration.


    Beretta A300 Outlander Trident. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The key to superior performance in semiautomatic shotguns is simplicity. In keeping with the Beretta tradition, the new A300 Outlander Trident is a soft-shooting gas-operated semi-auto which combines the reliable Beretta bolt with falling block (locked breech) with an improved gas valve with a self-cleaning cylinder and piston to ensure the most consistent and reliable operation possible. The Trident model features upgraded wood, and a unique Trident logo engraving on the receiver, to set your shotgun apart from the crowd.

    The A300 Outlander Trident is characterized by a particularly small number of assemblies. The shotgun is composed of five main assembly groups which can be field stripped by the user, for quick and easy disassembly. A firearm that can be easily taken apart is also easier to clean. Easy cleaning encourages to perform more careful maintenance on the firearm ensuring long-term reliability.

    In alloy steel, made with the exclusive cold hammering process to ensure perfect concentricity, the barrel of the new Beretta semi-automatic A300 Outlander Trident is exceptionally robust and lightweight at the same time. Designed for use with steel shot cartridges, it has a Mobilchoke internal profile.

    O/U Models

    Beretta manufactures dozens of O/U double barrel shotguns, either designed for top performance in clay shooting or for hunting.

    Modern solutions, such as fully adjustable stock, are adopted in the latest sporting models, creating an interesting blend of tradition and future.

    Hunting models are offered in a great variety of finishes (and price) ranging from standard configurations in, elegant, user grade, to customizable masterpieces.

    Some models are offered in a variety of calibers from .410 to 12 gauge.

    Here below what Beretta says about a competition and a hunting model.

    • DT11 Black Pro

    Beretta DT11 Black Pro. Image Credit: Beretta.

    Built in collaboration with the Beretta professional shooting team, the DT11 Black Pro offers an infinite amount of customized fit and balance options. The Beretta by TSK stock perfectly fits the anatomy of any shooter and helps them find the best set up for their individual needs by adjusting the comb, cast, length-of-pull, and pitch in an extremely simple, immediate, and reversible way. The inclusion of two removable muzzle weights add additional customization options. You can easily shoot trap, skeet, or sporting clays with this versatile gun thanks to its easy set up and customized fit options.

    • 686 Silver Pigeon I

    Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The 686 Silver Pigeon I hunting shotgun has all the functional features of our premium over-unders at a particularly attractive price.

    At its heart, it has the best-in-class 686 action, which is compact and low-profile while being extremely strong. Besides 12 and gauge, this shotgun is also available with beautifully scaled-down actions for 28 gauge and .410, for a true premium-grade experience. Whether you take it to an upland hunt or to the clay range, the Silver Pigeon I gives you the flawless performance and the classic looks of a Beretta. Featuring classic lines, the most-durable action on the market and the flexibility of the Beretta Mobil-Choke system, the 686 Silver Pigeon I was designed to last through generations of hunters.

    The Silver Pigeon I is built on the legendary 686 action, a long-standing favorite among hunters and competitive shooters. It features two conical locking lugs at mid-action, right between the barrels, giving it great locking strength and durability while keeping the action’s profile considerably lower. The advantage is that the eye of the shooter is a lot closer to the plane of his supporting hand: considerably better swing and hand-eye coordination.

    The 12- or 20-gauge Silver Pigeon has impressed countless hunters for its efficient dimensions and fast handling. But if you see and bring to your shoulder a Silver Pigeon I in 28 gauge or .410, you will be doubly impressed by the premium feel of the petite actions. These are scaled down to fit the smaller gauges without any extra weight or bulkiness–something that you normally find in shotguns prices several times as much as this.

    While not as elaborately decorated as our premium shotguns, the Silver Pigeon I has all the elegance that you can expect from a Beretta. The oil-finished stock sports a beautiful and crisp checkering pattern, and the schnabel fore-end adds to the classic flavor of this over-under. The scroll-engraved receiver is a functional work of art in itself, with its interesting geometry blending perfectly with the stock and contributing to the gun’s graceful lines. This is a shotgun that has all the elements of a treasured heirloom, without the price-tag to match.


    Beretta Carbines & Rifles

    While the brand name is more commonly associated to pistols or shotguns, Beretta has a long experience in manufacturing carbines and rifles.

    As a matter of fact Italian Armed Forces, among others, have been equipped with Beretta rifles for several decades. The latest design of assault rifle from Beretta is now also commercially available in civilian version.

    CX4 Storm

    The CX4Storm is a PCC released in the same period of the first polymer pistol  by Beretta, the PX4. A simple blowback operation encased in a fixed modern looking, polymer furniture walking on the line between traditional and “tactical”.

    Here below what Beretta says about this model.

    Beretta CX4 Storm. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The CX4 is a semiauto pistol-caliber carbine designed to give you the familiar controls of your favorite Beretta combat handgun.

    It is perfect for shooters who are already familiar with Beretta tactical pistols, or more in general for those who may not have extensive experience with a rifle or carbine. However, the cold-hammer forged barrel delivers the sort of accuracy that even the most experienced shooters will appreciate. Easy to use, ultra-reliable and low-recoil, it has been adopted by several police agencies across the US, while its versatility and accessorization options have made it a favorite of recreational shooters. Whether you use it for home-defense, varminting, competition or training, the CX4 will deliver what it promises.

    The CX4 is adaptable to accept any full-size Beretta PX4, 90-series and 8000 series magazines (using optional adapters), thereby saving existing Beretta users the expense of additional magazines. Along with its uncompromising Beretta quality, this is an additional reason why the versatility of this carbine is highly prized by tactical shooters. Along with a Beretta pistol, it helps create the best and most versatile tactical system available today, as evidenced by the CX4’s dedicated following.

    This light and compact carbine was designed to be completely and easily adaptable to the needs of most shooters. The operating handle, safety and magazine release are reversible and give you the opportunity to train or shoot right- or left-handed, while case ejection can also be switched from right to left. The length of pull is adjustable (one spacer included), making the CX4 easily and intuitively come up to the shoulder of most shooters. The aperture and post sights are user-adjustable, meaning that you can train with (or switch) your favorite brand of ammo without taking the carbine to a gunsmith. And after a day at the range, this carbine is a snap to take apart and reassemble, while its ultra-tough construction and surface treatment make it stand up to the hardest use.

    The CX4 just begs to be accessorized. Between the front and rear sights, it features a full-length aluminum top rail for mounting optical and red dot sights. It also sports a retractable Picatinny rail that extends from the fore-end, which allows users to mount tactical lighting devices and other accessories. Additional rails can be mounted on the left, right and bottom, thereby providing ample opportunity for customization. Please visit our accessories page for a full list of CX4 accessories.


    ARX100 & ARX160

    The ARX100 is the semi-auto only version of the military rifle ARX160 currently adopted by several countries’ armed forces, including Italy.

    Like the original assault rifle, as per NATO standard, caliber is 5.56x45mm. The rifle functions by gas operation obtaining unlocking of a rotating bolt head through the short stroke action of a piston.

    A .22LR blowback variant, named ARX160 just like the military model, is also available.

    Here below what Beretta says about these two models.

    • ARX100

    Beretta ARX100. Image Credit: Beretta.

    The ARX100 was engineered with one purpose in mind: to be today’s best tactical semiauto rifle.

    It takes the concept of a modular rifle to futuristic levels, while maintaining an absolutely simple operation that make it ultra-reliable. With ambidextrous controls, easily-replaceable barrel and virtually endless possibilities for customization and accessorization, the ARX100 is adaptable to any firing scenario and is perfect for today’s most demanding tactical shooter.

    The ARX100 features a constant contact/short-stroke gas piston system that makes it feed and fire under the most unforgiving conditions. The lightweight technopolymer receiver allows for reliable operation with virtually no lubricants. To make maintenance easy and trouble-free, this rifle has no pins and can be completely disassembled in a matter of seconds with no tools at all.

    This rifle was designed to be completely ambidextrous, and all the critical controls on it may be operated right- or left-handed. These include the 2-position safety, the magazine release, the bolt release and charging handle and the case-ejection selector, which determines whether spent brass is ejected to the right or left. The flip-up backup sights that come standard on the ARX100 are also versatile, offering an easily-adjustable diopter system ranged from 100 to 800 yards. The barrel is also easily replaceable in seconds, making is possible to use different lengths and calibers without any tools required. Lastly, the folding stock is adjustable for length of pull at the touch of a button, using a simple and rugged telescopic construction.

    The possibilities for accessorization on the ARX100 are limited only by the user’s imagination. It comes out of the box with a full-length Picatinny rail on top, which is perfect for attaching a variety of optics and other sighting systems. It also has Picatinny rails on both sides of and under the fore-end, which offer countless possibilities for easily adding lighting systems and other tactical devices. 

    • ARX160

    Beretta ARX160 cal. .22LR. Image Credit: Beretta.

    Finally, a .22 LR tactical training rifle that looks, feels and handles like its full-size counterpart.

    The ARX160 is a rimfire version of the ARX100, Beretta’s celebrated .223 Rem tactical rifle. But aside from the caliber, this .22 LR rifle is virtually identical to the centerfire version as far as operations, controls, accessorization and customization options. A training rifle that will never let you down, the ARX160 is an extra-durable piece of gear that will satisfy even the most demanding tactical shooter.
     A serious training rifle should always mirror the “real thing” in the way its controls work. This is why the ARX160 features ambidextrous two-position safety, magazine release and cocking handle. With this rifle, you can easily train and shoot with either hand dominant and improve your skills without breaking the bank.

    This training rifle is a great base for building the tactical system of your dreams. It comes out of the box with four Picatinny rails: on top, a full rail enables you to easily attach your favorite sighting or optics system, while on either side and on the bottom of the fore-end additional rails let you add other accessories such as tactical lighting. Other customization options include the telescopic folding stock: you can adjust the length of pull at the touch of a button, while the stock can be folded partially or all the way to accommodate most firing situations.

    The ARX160 is built to be durable and super-tough, being constructed of superior steel and technopolymer. Its flip-up sights are just like those on the full-caliber rifle—super-light but rugged, and featuring a rear diopter for quick and accurate target acquisition. Maintenance is easy thanks to the simple way in which it comes apart and is reassembled without any tools. Whether you use it on its own as a rimfire tactical rifle, or as a training tool to improve your handling of the full-power counterpart, the ARX160 will always turn heads at the range and will never let you down.

    SSO6 Express Rifle

    A premium model blending exquisite craftsmanship with Big Five worthy firepower (up to .458 WM), the SSO6 EELL is an O/U express rifle which showcases what can be achieved blending traditional skills with modern manufacturing.

    Here below what Beretta says about this model.


    Beretta SSO6 EELL. Image Credit: Beretta.

    Big-game hunting with a sidelock double rifle is the stuff of legend–precisely the kind of experience that the Beretta SSO6 EELL is designed to offer. With its wonderfully-engraved receiver, its impeccable balance and great versatility, it can truly make the ideal one-rifle battery for today’s most adventurous hunters. It is available in three powerful big-game cartridges, including the do-it-all .375 H&H, and 12-gauge shotgun barrels may be ordered for it.

    Express Rifles are not ordinary firearms. Beretta’s almost five centuries of gunmaking help create Express Rifles that deliver a potent combination of ultra-strong receivers and carefully crafted barrels to comfortably handle today’s powerful ballistics with remarkable accuracy.

    Based on the configurations of the famous SO over-and-unders, the SSO6 Express Rifles have an exceptionally sturdy receiver with side-locks and cold hammer forged barrels, fully rifled inside for the maximum accuracy.

    Fitted with a blade front sight and a V-notch rear sight with a folding leaf, the SSO6 barrels can be custom ordered with claw mounts for a factory-fitted Zeiss® scope, sighted in at 100 meters. Hand finished, hand checkered stocks and fore-ends are made from selected walnut or walnut briar with a cheek rest. A special trapdoor compartment for extra cartridges is fitted inside the stock, and an area under the pistol grip cap holds a set of spare front sights.

    The SSO6 is finished with a light engraving on its color case-hardened receiver. The exquisite SSO6 EELL sports a color case-hardened receiver with 24-carat gold inlaid animals. On request, a receiver with hand engraved game scenes is available. Both models can be ordered with smooth 12 gauge interchangeable barrels. All SSO6 over-and-under Express Rifles are delivered in a fine fitted leather case complete with maintenance tools and cleaning kit.

    3. BERETTA – History

    The Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. traces back its origins to a sale of 185 arquebus barrels to the Arsenal of Venice made by Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta, in 1526.

    Since then the Company has been owned and managed by new generations of the Beretta family. In the early 1900’s Pietro Beretta introduced modern industrial technologies to the factory, setting the basis for the international success experienced in the following decades.

    Beretta currently employs modern manufacturing technologies which allow the output of 1,500 firearms each day.

    More details on the history of Beretta can be found at this page of the Company’s website.

    4. BERETTA – Locations/Facilities



    Via Pietro Beretta 18

    25063 Gardone Val Trompia (BS)  ITALY

    tel: +39 030 834 11
    United States:

    Beretta U.S.A. Corp.

    17601 Beretta Drive
    Accokeek, MD, 20607-9515  USA

    Phone: (301) 283-2191

    5. BERETTA – Competition/Training

    Beretta is a well known name in clay shooting competitions and since 1956 its shotguns collected 47 Olympic medals.

    Among the most famous competitors winning with Beretta shotguns is Kim Rhode, one of the most successful American Olympic medalists.

    More on Team Beretta can be found on the dedicated page of Beretta’s website.

    Beretta is also active in Practical Shooting competitions with Shotgun and Pistol Teams.

    Currently Beretta offers Armorer Training Courses focused on its Military & Law Enforcement models.

    6. BERETTA – TFB News



    7. BERETTA – TFB Reviews

    8. BERETTA – Common BERETTA Questions

    • Where are Beretta guns made?

    Beretta firearms are currently manufactured in Gardone Val Trompia (BS), Italy, where the Company has its headquarters. The American branch and manufacturing facility is located in Accokeek, MD.

    • Is a Beretta 9mm a good gun?

    All Beretta full size and compact pistol models are offered in 9x19mm caliber. All models are manufactured following modern quality and safety standards by one of the biggest names in the industry. Beretta pistols are known for reliability and they can definitely be “good guns” in the right hands.

    • What model Beretta does the military use?

    The most diffused military model of Beretta pistol is the 92 FS, which has been the sidearm of U.S. Armed Forces (among others) for three decades under the denomination M9.

    • Is the Beretta M9 reliable?

    The Beretta M9 was chosen by the U.S. Armed Forces after extensive testing with the aim of selecting  the most reliable handgun. Therefore, yes, the M9 is a mechanically reliable pistol.

    • Does the Beretta M9 have a safety?

    The Beretta M9 has automatic internal safeties and an external lever, mounted on the slide, which acts both as a safety and as a decocker.

    9. BERETTA – Where to buy

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